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New to Dollhouse Community/ with a question

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Good Morning, I am Maryann from Florida. I am new to the dollhouse community . I purchased the Magnolia and was reading the warm up sheet and have decide to prepaint and assemble, however, I don't know whether I should do the same with the roof shringles? I would like to stain the shringles and I would like to know if I should before applying? Or is it now advisable at all and leave the shringles as is. Thank you for your help.

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Hi, Maryann, and :welcome: to the forum!

You can do it either way.

Some folks will stain all of the shingles before putting them on the roof using a strainer to drain off the excess stain and spreading on newspaper to dry. (A throw-away aluminum baking pan with holes punched in the bottom will do for a strainer. Put the stain on a pan of the same size as the strainer, then gently lower the strainer with part of the shingles into the stain, mix it up, drain, repeat.) Wear gloves or be prepared to explain brown fingertips.

Some folks glue the shingles onto the roof and then stain with a bristle or foam brush. The only problem with this method is that if there are any specks of glue showing, they will not take the stain. They must be touched up with paint or forever remain white specks on the roof.

In either method, it's a good idea to paint or stain the roof a color similar to the stain. No matter how carefully the shingles are placed, there will be places where little snippets of the roof below will show. Again, it creates annoying little white specks that are hard to color later. (Don't ask me how I know this! :lol: )

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Welcome to the little family, Maryann. Here is the Team Magnolia building blog and here is the album of how I dressed it after building the bare kit. It was the first time I applied the roof treatment (after the dry fit, when all the roof parts fit together PERFECTLY, but before gluing the roof on); it will be the LAST time I ever do a roof that way, as the roof would not fit back the wame way.

Since most of the GL shingles I've worked with come in a big sheet I usually take an old teeshirt rag, dip it in the stain and rub it into the shingles to stain them. I go back later and touch up the edges of the roof. I also know about the stain not working where there are, or have been, glue spots.

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