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Adding dormers on the Laurel?????

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As I am working on my Laurel, I have discovered that I think I need more room in the attic. I am thinking about adding dormers, and wonder if anyone has done this... or have a picture of the inside of a house with added "pre-built" dormers. I am looking at Housework dormers.... since I am a newbie... I don't think I can do something as complicated as building dormers from scratch... but I really need the room.... any suggestions or pics.... thanks in advance :hug:

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I haven't done the Laurel, but I do own a HW dormer kit...I find that the angle is very steep...so just make note of that with your roofline... :hug:

I tried to put it on the Bostonian roof, the roof already angled, so when I butted the dormer to it, the dormer window faced downward...(I don't know if that makes sense, but that's what it did!!! :p)

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Greenleaf is offering dormers as add-ons, introduced as part of the Spring Fling kit but can be used with any GL kit. To add the dormers, dry fit your roof onto your Laurel and place your assembled dormers where you'll want them and trace aroound them to get the place to cut your holes to fit them in.

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Hi Kelly,

I haven't started my Laurel project yet but I was considering doing the same thing. I was also thinking of actually raising the roof a little too for a taller space but I haven't gotten that far yet. Here is a link to Llyn's Laurel where she added dormers. There's no interior picture but if you pm'd her maybe she could help you or send you another pic.

Laurel w/dormers

I won't be getting started on mine probably until May so I'm not much help right now :idea:

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