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Greenleaf's Fifth Annual Spring Fling Contest

Mini Man

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Introducing Our Fifth Annual Spring Fling Contest


Greenleaf is proud to announce the start of our fifth annual Spring Fling Contest! Last years contest was such fun, we decided to add a new spin... expandability! We have a ton of options that will allow those who are timid about kit bashing a chance to uniquely configure their entry. Of course, the base unit is all you need to compete, and this year, we're even adding a new prize category called "luck of the draw" which will be randomly selected. Also, by popular demand, we are extending the contest until the fourth of July!

As in years past, we are making it extra interesting; we're going to name this new building after the winner! That's right, we'll rename it after you - for example, last years winner, Brae, renamed the project house to "The Baslow Ranch" in honor of her dear departed pets, Basil the cat (pronounced bazzill like an Englishman's name); Clover and Willow who were both dwarf hamsters. It's your chance to be forever immortalized as part of the Greenleaf product line. Now how cool is that?

In a nutshell, just submit a picture of a scene with your project that must include the base house and you might win one of these great prizes below. The best news is that Greenleaf has put together a special deal on the Base Project kit for $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING on your entire order* (more details below)! So join us in the fun as well celebrate the seasons!

The Prizes

First Prize - A $500 Gift Certificate to the Greenleaf Company Store


That's right, $500 to spend as you want in the Greenleaf Company Store! That's enough to buy our laser cut flagship model, the Beaumont Dollhouse Kit!

Second Prize - A $250 Gift Certificate to the Greenleaf Company Store


That's right, $250 to spend as you want in the Greenleaf Company Store! That's enough to buy the Select Edition of the Brookwood Dollhouse! The Select Edition of the Brookwood Dollhouse is a special production run in which we upgrade the kit to the finest birch plywood we could find. It is back in stock and available here.

Third Prize - A $125 Gift Certificate to the Greenleaf Company Store


That's right, $125 to spend as you want in the Greenleaf Company Store! That's enough to buy our Limited Edition Arthur Dollhouse or maybe a Deluxe Dollhouse Lighting Kit.

Luck of the Draw - A $50 Gift Certificate to the Greenleaf Company Store


That's right, after the above winners have been selected, an entry will be pulled at random from the remaining field for $50 to spend as you want in the Greenleaf Company Store! That's enough to buy our new Laser Cut Half Scale Rosedale Dollhouse .

The Details

You will need a Spring Fling 2011 Base Contest Kit which is available at a special price of $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the US*. Just go to the Greenleaf Insider Sale by March 31, 2011 and during the checkout process, enter the Promotion Code: SPRING-FLING-11


Enter here on the shipping page during checkout

Decorate your contest kit and include it in a scene, maybe next to your dollhouse or in a garden setting, whatever strikes your fancy. You can turn your project into ANYTHING your imagination can dream up. Please note there is only one entry per member.

Submit your 3 BEST pictures to thewinner@greenleafdollhouses.com by Independence Day, July 4, 2011, with the words in the subject line "I'm a winner". You can include a short description of your project.

A select group of Greenleaf Staff, not Forum Staff, but the people that actually make your dollhouses, will select the winners based on originality.

The winners will be announced the first week in August and all the submissions will be uploaded to a special gallery for all to enjoy!

Order your 2011 Spring Fling Contest House here for $29.95 with FREE SHIPPING*

Good Luck everyone!

*Greenleaf is providing a delivered price just for this contest at an amazing price. We're sorry that the free shipping only applies to US members, and there is an additional charge of $6.00 for Canadian orders which you can choose while ordering. To our friends outside the US and Canada: As always, we encourage people around the world to participate in our Spring Fling contest. Special pricing on shipping is available, so please contact us at orders@greenleafdollhouses.com with what you would like to receive and we will provide you with a custom discounted shipping quote!

Please ignore the additional shipping shown at check out. It is a limitation of our system and we won't charge you the extra money.

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Ohhhhhh :) it is a FANTABULOUS kit, all the possibilities within the extras as well, lots and lots of ideas that needs to be mulled over with the sketchpad as well as checking the shipping quotes :( Doing happy dance!!!

THANK you to all involved making yet another absolutley stunning Spring Fling possible, and with the extra time added (as in almost a month after school is out, now that is sheer bliss!)


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I am officially in trouble! I had pre-determined NOT to enter the contest this year -- :lol: too many other things going on, too many unfinished houses in my workroom, too much pressure to finish on time ... etc

HOWEVER! the extended deadline really helps -- THANK YOU, DEAN :) -- and as soon as I saw the whole thing it started screaming at me -- I started looking and measuring for a place to display it -- oh, woe is me, I'm afraid I have to enter the contest after all! :(

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Jennifer, Here's the link to the main contest page. At the bottom it shows all the additions, and has lots of pictures of each when you click on them.


Here's one picture of the back with 2 additions.


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is there any way possible you can show me what the inside looks like too??? This is going to be a very interesting Spring Fling!

If you click on the pictures, a new window opens up with different views of each one, so you can see it front, back and sideways :)

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Worth the wait and the excitement. It has spoken, and I have listened. :) I already have a plan, and hope it isn't too cliche and worn out. I know I will have FUN with it, especially since I don't have a snow ball's chance of winning. I'm in it for the challenge and for the fun of coming up with my creation.

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OK! I bit the bullet and will be entering the contest. Just placed my order. I have an idea, it's probably been over done, but I wanted to try it anyways. I'm going to challenge myself to make as much as I possibly can and only use the supplies I have on hand. Only allowance will be lights!...we'll see. LOL Hardest part will be not sharing my progress though...

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