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Did a little Bashing on Ambers San Fran Today! Whatcha think??

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So Ive been picking away at the san fran lately...got the main roof all shingled, and started doing some trim work on the outside. the front porch part of the house has been bugging me, its got these intricate designs and points that just didnt look good after being punched out of the sheet, in my opinion. and i didnt really like the second floor balcony railing either, so i came up with a idea to make it a lil better...or at least a lil more to my likeing. 

It's suppose to look like this.....


so instead of putting in the 2nd floor balcony railing, i cut the gingerbread on the front porch, just leaving the front porch railings, and then i took the top peice from the front porch gingerbread and turned it upside down and made it into the second floor balcony railing. a little trim and i think it looks ok..better than it did anyway..let me know what you all think...heres some pics of the aftermath...






The front porch railings are crooked because they are just setting there, they arent glued yet...still sanding...lol. Thanks for looking!

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Great idea! Probably better to leave off a lot of that delicate trim anyway for little fingers! I also made some changes to the porch trim on my San Fran. Mine already had the shell built when I bought it, and everything wasn't quite square, so I couldn't get all the fancy stuff to fit in quite right, so I cut some apart and made my own thing.

It's looking great, and it seems as if you're having a great time! :)

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Thanks Everyone for the kind words! I like it a lot better! I am having a great time building this for my lil girl. At first I was thinking I was destined to play with dolls instead of cars and trucks, and thats ok but this dollhouse really gives me something really crafty to do, that we both can be really proud of when its done. As I said before I'm not going for perfection, But I do hope she gets years and years of good times with it. She is still young and probly wont remember most of the build, but Ive taken plenty of pics and I intend on putting together a scrapbook of the build to go with the house..I was even thinking of making some offical looking type of deed type thing made out to amber as the owner,but that might be over the top. I'm just really having fun with it and look forward to having many good times with Amber and the San Fran, as well as the other houses we are destined to build..lol..I see a Queen Anne in our future..lol.

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I never noticed before but the before pic of the balcony trim looks like overlapped McDonalds Golden arches. Your new trim looks much better. I never liked the half moon thingies either. Your San Fran is looking great. :clap:

Hahahaha,Pat that's exactly what I thought of too.Golden Arches........Amber's

Doll House is looking real good...very nice changes!! :)

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