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Mini on the way!

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Add my congrats to the list !! Take good care of yourself !!

Do lots of mini-ing before April, cuz you'll be mighty busy for a while after that.

BTW, What would your dream nursery look like in RL?

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Yaaaaaaayyyyyy! :thumb: Muriel! That is so great! Kids are awesome. (most of the time :p) So happy for you! Enjoy, get lots of rest and get tons of mini-ing in before the great unveil! The buggers demand a lot of time!

Yay again and congratulations!

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Congrats to you and Chris...but...I think I'd better stay away from roller coasters....LOL....surely there is something you want for Pip that you can't get there and we have.....let me know....


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Muriel,how wonderful !!!!! I'm so happy for you both :thumb:

I know the high risk pregnancy is hard.My last one was like that,they said because I was 40 things just went wrong.I had gestational diabetes,they took away my starches and sweets and were upset when I lost weight up until the 6th month....what did they expect??Had to go weekly and have 3 or 4 tubes of blood drawn.

I had irregular heartbeat,my bp went up and a host of other things.

Listen,just do what the docs say as best you can,I know it isn't easy...been there,but you can do it.It does get better as you progress...won't be long before he/she is getting their feet jammed up behind your ribs :p It's really a wonderful time,enjoy it.

Have you picked any names yet?

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I did feel silly for worrying so, but the hospital was good and reassured me to come in whenever I needed.

Never feel silly about worrying it's completely natural. With my second I started spotting, very minimal, in my first trimester off and on and I was a nervous wreck about it. I went to my doctor and it turned out to be nothing, they couldn't see a cause for it, but they said it was better to be cautious then not. Still, every time it happened I would panic again. Elora Dawn is now 8 months and perfectly normal. That is truly a great Honeymoon gift for you.

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Many congrats on the "mini to be"! lol As a fellow diabetic I can only imagine the protocol you're following right now. I'm on an insulin pump, though that was decided upon to get my blood sugars up -- mine tend to run too low more often than not. Wishing you positive energy and lots of good luck to you and yours! :thumb: :p

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My tummy is getting bigger and bigger. Feels a bit like it is getting ready to burst :)

Also feels like I've got a stitch in my side, but there is something harder there, so probably just baby pushing on my side.

Back hurts, as usual.

But otherwise feeling ok, time is still going very slowly!

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How did I miss this thread 'til now?

Many congratulations to you and Chris, Muriel!

Sorry that your back is hurting, and time does kind of slow down when you're pregnant, doesn't it?


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