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Official Swap Rules/Guidelines


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1. Have fun! The purpose of swaps is to share your talents with your mini friends, as well as to try out new skills and techniques.

2. All items for each swap should be the same. This means that if the theme for a particular swap is “Christmas” and you are making a box of ornaments as your swap item, then each person participating in the swap gets a box of ornaments. You can do a general box of ornaments of several different colors, or you can customize/personalize the ornaments by making a certain color to go with a participant’s Christmas theme--such as, a participant’s tree is primarily decorated in red, so you would make red ornament’s for that person’s tree. Another person’s tree may be decorated primarily with green, so you would make that person green ornaments, but all persons would receive a box of ornaments. If the swap theme was “toys” and you wanted to make a toy box filled with gender appropriate toys, you could ask/poll everyone to find out what gender their dollhouse children are.

3. Your swap item should have a “value” of $5.00. You can do more, but you do not have to. “Value” means, and can be gauged by, if you were going to purchase this item, would you personally be willing to pay $5.00 for that item?

4. Your items should be individually wrapped, and your name should be placed on the outside of the wrapping of each item. You can place the items in individual baggies, or wrap them in decorative tissue paper, or other wrapping papers.

5. Your swap items must be shipped in an appropriate box or envelope. If you are using an envelope, it should be a “padded” envelope. If you are using a box, you will need to be sure to include appropriate bubble wrap, packing peanuts or other protective wrapping material. This is to make sure that your items arrive safe and sound without any breakage.

6. If the number of participants is 4 or more, then the swap items are to be shipped to the HUB, which is traditionally LPCullen (Linda) (we may alternate HUBs at a later date). Whether or not LPCullen participates in making an item for the swap, you make an extra item for the HUB. For example, if there are 5 participants plus the HUB, you would make 5 items to ship to the HUB (you presumably made 6 items, but you kept one for yourself). If the HUB is used, you will need to include return shipping funds in your package as set by the HUB. Return shipping funds should be in the form of either cash or money order, or whatever funds the HUB lists as their accepted return shipping funds.

7. Participants are currently limited to 15 for a regular swap, and 20 for a holiday swap. This will be determined by who signs up in the order that they signed up, but we can have a waiting list (if we need to) to add persons if and when someone drops out. Also, if the majority requests it, these numbers can be changed. If there are less than 3 participants, that particular swap will be cancelled. There will be cut-off dates for registering and withdrawing for each swap, and there will be a designated “ship by” date for each swap for items to be shipped to the HUB, and the HUB will then ship items back out within 10 days of the shipping cut off date. Therefore, all items must reach the HUB within 10 days of the ship out date.

8. If you have to drop out of the swap, PLEASE let me or CatColorado know as soon as possible by either emailing us directly or posting on the forum. Because of problems with persons unofficially dropping out of swaps that they have registered for, anyone who drops out of a swap unofficially and ignores our (mine or Cat's) emails regarding the swap will be banned from future swaps, unless they have a very good reason for having dropped out and not contacting anyone--sometimes life throws curves and people can't respond right away--computers break--and we do know that!

If you have any questions or need further clarification on anything, you can email me or send me a PM through the forum. If you send an email or PM through the forum and I don't answer within 48 hours, then please go ahead and post on the forum in this area that you are trying to reach me.

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