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I made shelving under my staircase

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And I love it! I had actually planned to leave the stairs out because the house is small, they block the front door and I didn't like them. Yesterday I had this idea to put bookshelves underneath, I probably saw it somewhere before but I think it will really add interest to the room. It's still bare bones now and I haven't settled on furniture but hope you like it-



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Now I REALLY like this! Great idea!

I just got a magazine called DWELL...and it shows a 500 sq foot New York designer's apartment, where the guy has a loft bed, and the stairs leading up to it have drawers in them! Beautiful golden oak stairs with drawers. What a perfect use as well.

The drawers have a slot in them..so there's no handle sticking out..so at the same time they're stairs and a dresser! Very cool

The whole apartment's shape looks like it might have been an afterthought.. Only about ten feet wide...a long narrow corridor transformed into a living space.

It's gorgeous..golden oak closets and walls run the length of it, and go from floor to ceiling, so the guy actually has more storage space than apartments three times the size of the one he's got. He can hide away many mundane things that other apartment dwellers may be forced to just leave out, sitting around. Sooo cool.

Thanks for the idea of the shelving/stairs, Janice...VERY cool!


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Very good idea and very cozy picture...I would add a small comfy chair there and be done with it!! :D Well, I say be done with it because I would park my butt and read-

and read-and read!!

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I thought making the books was easy enough. I have one of those balsa scrap bags from Michaels with lots of strips just the right size for books. I got some great book printie links from here, glued the covers to the wood and cut them out. I also made one book that opens with pages and it is really cute.

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How creative! Nice!

Those stairs look exactly like the ones in my dollhouse! I just finished my very first dollhouse( I made a post about it), aand don't kow much at all about them. Is this dollhouse called "Tiffany"?

This house is called The Bobbi, but is very similar to the Tiffani - both were made by the company Artply. The Bobbi is also the Greenleaf Haunted House and I think the Tiffani has another name or two. I guess when designs are aquired by different companies they change the name.

Anyway, I also have a Tiffany that I picked up at the thrift store a couple of weeks ago. I hope you start a photo album of your house:)

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