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My kitty caught her tail in the door, my fault.

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I was happy about having extra money from selling the dollhouses last week at the garage sale. It's a good thing I had it. One of my kitties, Cali, was wanting to go down stairs and I was closing the door and she stopped on the step. Her tail got hit with the door. I saw a clump of hair and thought well that's OK, just pulled out some hair. Then I noticed it wasn't just hair. About half an inch of her tail was with it. I was so upset . It looked awful and she was bleeding. I was crying I felt so bad. Thank goodness my vet is open on Saturday. I called and she said bring her over because there was bone exposed. She had to be sedated and the piece of bone was removed and the skin sutured over it. She has two weeks of antibiotics to take. My Vet is very reasonable so it could have been worse financially. She's nine miles away but worth it. I felt so bad for Cali and guilty for hitting her tail with the door. I was working on my new Westville and was gluing when I went to open the door for her. I should have been more careful and not in a hurry. Everything is OK now with Cali. I was afraid when I got back from the vet I'd find the dollhouse all out of square but it's OK too. :flowers: ,

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Poor kitty Cali, sending healing thoughts her way.

I'm always afraid of a cross breeze causing one of our interior doors to slam on my cat. Our doors are heavy wood; I use large river rocks as doorstops to keep an accident from happening.

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Oh, poor Cali, and poor you! When I was about 11 years old I noticed my dear Smoky kitty walking through the garage and trailing what looked like a tuft of fur a few inches behind her tail. I stopped her and the tuft came loose and it was the last little bit of her tail with a little blood, but her tail seemed okay, just a little shorter. Never did find out what happened to her.

A much worse thing happened to an even earlier kitty, named Tiger - my grandfather accidentally slammed the screen door on one of her feet! I came home from first grade for lunch and found Tiger bundled in a towel on one of the living room chairs, bleeding, and my poor grandfather absolutely beside himself that he'd hurt her. Of course, there was a trip to the vet and stitches on Tiger's paw and antibiotics, and Grandpa was REALLY careful closing doors after that.

It's just like having one of your kids hurt, when it's one of your furbabies. Sending healing thoughts for Cali, and forgiving thoughts to YOU - they forgive us for just about anything, bless their great big generous hearts. :flowers:

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Cali is fine today. She was still wobbly when I brought her home yesterday with a big bandage on her tail. This morning she was waiting to come out of the bathroom where she sleeps and the bandage was on the floor. Her tail looks so funny. It all furry and fluffy and about three inches at the end looks like a rat tail. She took the antibiotic pill without too much trouble. She is not mean or anything but not a lap cat at all but last night she let me hold her for a long time. It is like hurting one of your children. She didn't want to go downstairs first thing this morning and has been going all over the house rubbing her face on everything today. She finally did want to go down but hesitated at the door for a bit.

I got the rest of the Westville shell together last night. I'll probably remember this every time I look at that house now but Cali will probably forget it even happened. :flowers: That's a picture of Cali in my avatar. She was about seven weeks old and loved to sleep in the doll bed.

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Oh, that precious baby!

I happy that Cali has a good mom like you, and you took her to the vet.

Some time ago we had an Old English Sheepdog that had puppies. Old English Sheepdogs have their tails cropped off while their puppies.

I thought nothing of it because that's the way things were, and I knew that people wouldn't do it if it hurt.

Annie and her puppies were in their bed in the garage when my husband took the puppies to the vet to have their tails cropped.

I was teaching piano, and all I could hear was Annie crying for her puppies. I went out to comfort her but she cried and cried. :flowers:

When my husband came home with the puppies, the puppies were crying and crying. Annie didn't know why her puppies were crying so she continued to cry and was upset.

I called the vet and asked why the puppies were hurting so badly. He said that it's like cutting off the tip of a finger.

I cancelled the rest of my students because it broke my heart that we had caused all of this, and it just wasn't necessary. I felt just awful. :lol:

I will never, ever, ever, ever crop, cut off, whatever to any animal just for looks. :)

(By the way, the vet and his whole family were killed in an accident about a year later. So sad. :p )

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OOoh, ouch Pat!! Poor Cali! Certainly was not something you meant to do - sometimes our furry friends just have to be right next to us - mine does :) and then they get caught in the "flurry of activity" of our daily go-here-go-there and we just forget they are right there. Don't beat yourself up over it. Cali will love you no matter what, and they tend to forgive and forget almost instantly, unlike their human owner's :doh:

Glad to hear that Cali is doing better and on the road to recovery with not too much stress to her -(unlike the stress you have just gone through, right?)

Gotta love our furkids! They are a resilient bunch! :woohoo:

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oh noes!


good thoughts to cali that she heals up quickly..

i'm beside myself when my kitties are not well..

i've been through 2 bee/wasp stings to paws

& one paw swollen from my son closing the door on it..

i also worry often about one of our heavy/firedoors to

the garage.. & those pinch places by the hinges!

(i have 7 indoor kitties all 9 & 10 yrs old + outdoor feral kitties

i care for as well..)

don't feel too bad..

i'm sure cali will get lots of extra love & affection that will

more than make up for that tiny bit of tail..


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I had to put the big collar on Cali today. The kind to keep them from chewing out stitches. She was trying to get the stitches out and the vet recommended it. She is tolerating it OK but she looks so uncomfortable. I have an adjustable one from when she was spayed when she was just a kitten. The stitches need to stay in at least a week. The collar and giving her the antibiotic twice a day is no fun for her. The pill is the worst, prying their mouth open and tossing in the pill hoping she doesn't spit it out, or bite me. I gave her a treat right away this morning so maybe that will make it easier each time. Seven kitties must really keep you busy. Four is my limit. They are such good company. All four are totally different personalities. The youngest is two years old and the oldest is six. The other three know something is going on and are acting up a bit.

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I had to take it back off. The other three kitties were following her around trying to figure out what it was. Lots of growling from Cali. She somehow managed to get the loose stitches out anyway. It looks OK, just a little redness. I put a little Neosporin on it. I may have had the collar on wrong anyway. I can't remember how I had it before. :)

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Just starting to catch up (again LOL) and just felt a big ouch for the two of you and I am so happy that it looks like it is starting to heal and here is for hoping that it will continue to do so!!!

Sending hugs and belly rubs for the fur-kids!


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