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Bellingham Farmhouse room

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OK....all those that have made the Bellingham Farmhouse: the 3rd floor room on the right has that additional space under the eaves---what on earth am I supposed to do with it? It's small and hard to reach and is gonna be ridiculous when it comes time to paint/paper! Any ideas? :)



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I did manage to paper mine. But I think I had to stand on my head to do it. I'll probably put the dresser in there as there isn't much room for one in the main part of the room. Either that or I will swap out the 2 rooms and make that one the sewing room. Haven't decided yet. I also want to make a quilting frame so I don't know if I will have enough room in that small room. I really do want a sewing/craft room in this one. Templates are wonderful things when it comes to papering. But even making the templates was a challenge in that room.

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barb: It was your house that inspired me to move the wall to the right! I think i have decided to make an attic in the right room-I really like that idea. :) I think I will possibly put in another wall to create a small hallway, since i am adding another stairway. I decided to make the little room to the right a walk-in closet! I've also started to prepare to cut a small portion of that roof away so there is better access/viewing of the little space.

thanks for the ideas....and I loved viewing your pics! I love this forum..... :p

THmini.....I know what you mean about nearly standing on your head to paper a room!! LOL One house I worked on, I actually put it upside down to paint and paper it! :wave:

thanks all!

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