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Thrift store Find

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The other day I left work and went to the thrift store for jeans... could not fit my jeans on overtop my Long johns so I had to get a few pairs... While looking around..... I found a dollhouse box, I was so happy!!! Ran over to find it was just bits & Pieces nothing any good.... but asked the manager about it... it was marked 24.00 she marked it down to 10.10!! Well, I left without the house because there was nothing there to build a house with.!! SO disappointed.!!

Today, we went to the same thrift store to pick up a metal bowl for our puppys dog food.!! and low and behold there sat that dollhouse... I showed Hubby.. and said This is the one with only a few pieces, he turned around and there sat 2 more boxes.!!!!!!! so I got all 3 boxes for $10.10 and it is the ....................

DURACRAFT FARMHOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!! I finaly found a dollhouse at a thrift store.!!!



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Lynette, I am not sure what all was in the boxes... I know there area ton of shingles, and a bunch of wood pieces that are the walls and etc. but I never really looked at it all yet... Just dont have the time.!! I will let you all know as soon as I get a minute to go and look.!


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