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Table advice, please

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Hello friends,

I am about to start work on a partially completed Bellingame Farmhouse, 34"w x 31"h x 20"d, which I'm told weighs about 25 lbs. It is sitting on the living room rug until I can find a suitable table to place it on. Does anyone have any suggestions on perhaps something that is available online? Would a folding table (card table) be strong enough to support it? Any thoughts about what not to get? This is my first dollhouse and was started for me by my dad 10 years ago. Due to failing health he was unable to finish it and the torch has been passed to me, so to speak.

Though I've been interested in miniatures for as long as I can remember, I have never built a dollhouse nor attempted any sort of carpentry. My brother, husband and son are willing to help and somewhat more able than I am along these lines, but this will still be a new undertaking for all of us.

Any words of wisdom offered will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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I have mine on a card table. Mine is MDF and heavier then 25 pounds. Only advice read the instuctions and enjoy it. Also NO hot glue. It is a very nice house and has alot of possibilities. I am still working on mine and have moved a couple of walls as I saw where I would need more room. Make sure that you don't put the staircase in until you paint or paper that room. much easier that way. You are so lucky to have something that you dad started for you. It will be a nice keepsake for you. If you have a bad day with it walk away and come back to it when you are refreshed. You will be surprised with how things look then. Remember we are here to answer questions. :idea:

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My huge MDF house bash (two houses put together) is currently on an old computer table. I can have the house in front of me and work on the pull out keyboard shelf thing and then stow it away under the desk and hide my mess :idea: Another is on a chest of drawers and a third on a blanket chest. (and one on the floor and one on another desk.... and another on a large room box thing :lol: )

Welcome Helaine! Come introduce yourself to everyone in the newcomers forum. Ask away if you've got any further questions!

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I agree with Holly. I bought an end table for the San Fran at Good Will and it has curved legs in Queen Anne style that match the style of my house. Oh, and it was all of $12. Can't beat that!

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i have mine on a television table. my house is weighs 60 kilo now, but i m gonna expand it.

the television table has little wheels under it, and that makes it easy to work on the house from all sides.

i had it on a computertable on wheels at first, but i sold the computertable :yes:

the most importan three things for me were: does my house more or less fit the table

does the table has wheels

is my house not to heavy

i went to a store that sells cheap furniture and they also had a sale.

the television table has two deep drawers so thats room for an awful lot of stuff.

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