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Rescued a dollhouse- Tennyson?

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It's been a while since I've been around here. Life just gets in the way sometimes!

A friend at work delivered an abandoned dollhouse to me this morning. It's in pretty sad shape but I think I can rehab it. It looks like the poor thing was left outside. The wood is very weathered and the house is coming off of the foundation, and of couse the shingles are a mess. I think I deteted a bit of mold, so a goold sealing and painting with a Kilz kind of product will be in order. The front door is glued shut and there are no window panes. ANd I only looked at it for a minute when I transferred it from her car to mine!

When I first saw it I though "Tennyson!!!" And it definitely looks like it, but there is no balcony.

Is there another dollhouse that is the same shape as the Tennyson but does now have an upper balcony? Or do you think I have a Tennyson without a balcony?

Sorry no pictures. I have the camera with me but no cable. When I get home I can post a picture of the poor thing.

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It's so good to see you posting again! Do post pictures of your poor foundling house. The Laurel I rehabbed had the doors glued shut and the windows had also been assembled with hot glue, so were ruined, and the porch had never been built, so in addition to making new doors & windows (and trims) from scratch, I also got to make a new porch! So you can make your house a balcony. I made a mockup from foamcore and used the pieces to make a pattern, but you can use cardboard boxes as well.

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Thanks Holly and Corry!

Who knows when I'll get to fixing up the poor little thing, but at least it's a smaller house and not as intimidating as my Joseph Angel!

I'll post pics tonight.

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It does look like it's a Tennyson the more I look at it. I can see where the balcony appears to have been ripped off. Poor little thing. post-1697-1259051590_thumb.jpg

Here's the side. post-1697-1259051669_thumb.jpg And here's the back.post-1697-1259051702_thumb.jpg

What do you think? It sure looks like a Tennyson to me! A sad, beat up one for sure. I'm hoping it's worth saving, meaning that it won't disintegrate as I start to work on it. :(

And thanks for the welcome back notes. That feels really nice!

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Yes, I'm positive that it is a Tennyson. The one by Artply, because of the small roof above the window on the second floor.

I have the Greenleaf version. Not only does the Greenleaf Tennyson come with a foundation, it also has a L-shaped roof over the second floor balcony.

The Artply Tennyson has no foundation, no roof over the second floor balcony, and small roofs over the second floor windows (except for the bay window).

Poor thing, I hope you can fix her. The Tennyson is an adorable house.

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