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Becoming a San Fran BASHER

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I bought a HBS Victorian door (the oval doors were out of stock) ; and I fell in love with the 6013 6 panel door with triangle pediment. 'Because a Forum member gave me a 6 panel door for the second floor, and I really like it but doesn't look Victorian; figured I can add a pediment of some type. THis way I have both 6 panel doors; occurs to me they won't let light shine through, oh well~~~ :p

Now, I measure cause it looks huge, and the 6013 is over an inch too tall and wide so I guess that means cutting the opening?!? Trial by fire. The house is made out of pretty sturdy stuff, I'm wondering what the best way is to cut the opening bigger? Do they make mini chain saws? :giggle:

My work table is filling up with wallpaper, ceiling medallions, wainscoat, and trims. It looks impressive, I just hold off knowing someone should be wiring first; and not me! I have built a staircase and done some painting on attic level. Pulling off old doors and trim. I feel like I'm going backwards instead of forward, but at least I've broken the addiction to buying furnishings! B)

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I wouldn't use a rotary tool to cut wood anyway, but especially not MDF. I would suggest a bandsaw or table saw with the blade raised high enough to cut through,, but if it's already assembled you're best bet is a coping saw.

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I used a dremel with the drywall attachment to cut holes in my SF. I added an addition (which needed doors cut into it), a bay window on the third floor and a door to go out to a terrace on the third floor and all of those were cut with the dremel. I hate to disagree with Holly because she has a ton of experience and is always so helpful, but any hand held saw was useless on MDF for me because I just didn't have the strength to make it work. Pick hatever method works best for you. Cutting MDF with anything isn't an easy task, but I did it OK with the dremel. It makes a huge mess but it gets the job done.

SFshingled.jpgHere's the bay window I added on the third floor.

More pictures on my blog on the link below. I've been working on this project for almost 3 years!! :idea:

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I hate to disagree with Holly because she has a ton of experience and is always so helpful, but any hand held saw was useless on MDF
Not nearly so much as I hate to disagree with anybody, but I posted
...a bandsaw or table saw...
and those are POWER tools, NOT "hand" tools, which are even more useless on MDF than a rotary tool. I'm glad that the drywall attachment worked for you, honey, but my experience with MDF had me concerned about burning out the rotary tool's motor trying to cut it with anything!

What an outstanding job you did with the bay, and I'll bet it really opens up that third-floor room!

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Thanks, Holly! The dremel wasn't easy either, but I had to do something. I put the thing together and then decided to bash it. Next time I might plan a bit better (but probably not) and cut the piece with a power tool (jig saw or something!) while it is flat and clamped down on saw horses. That would have been much easier. But I managed to get a semi straight hole and not cut my hand in the process so I say it's a win. Cutting MDF is tough in the best of circumstances! It's nice when I work in plywood and wonderful Greenleaf houses to know several swipes with a sharp utility knife will do the trick.

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