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Hello from Norway


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Hi everyone!

My name is Monica and I come from Norway. I have been building dollshouses for a little over a year now.

I found the hobby when I bought a very simple dollshouse on the net for my 3 year old niece. I was amazed by all the lovely things that were done by grown-ups!

There are very few people into this hobby in my country, so I use the internet a lot. :p

I share the hobby with my 19 year old daughter. We both enjoy building and collecting miniatures.

We are now working on our second house, the Westville. I don`t think we would have managed without this forum. Especially the building blogs.

This is our first Greenleaf house. It is a very time consuming project. But a lot of fun. B)

We have made a few changes to the house to make it more "Norwegian".

I hope to learn more through this forum, and also to get to know other miniaturists.

Best wishes

Monica and Rikke

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A great big welcome, Monica & Rikke, to the little family here! Do, do share pictures of your build! Anna, in Sweden, is building the Limited Edition Arthur kit with a most decidedly Swedish flair, so I'm looking forward to a Norwegian Westville!

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We will post pictures as soon as I work out how to do it....

I have to tell you that there wouldn`t be a westville in our house at all if it hadn`t been for your blog. :p

We had so much trouble working out how to do it in the beginning. But when we saw your pictures when you put together finished walls it all came together.

Thanks a million!!

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The Westville was the first house I put siding on and also the first house I built more or less like the box picture (I bashed the insides good & proper, though!), but I was building it for a gentleman to give his wife for her birthday. I love the way yours is turning out. I also love your food, flowers & furniture!

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