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I found a Joanne's!


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This is one of those "duh!!" moments...or maybe a "senior moment"...whatever... :banana:

I go periodically to a town about 1-1/2 hour away, where there is a Penzeys (spices), World Market (all sorts of imported stuff), used to be a Linen'N'Things til they went out of business. They're all in the same area, sort of "around the corner" from each other. I spend way too much time in all of those. My husband goes to Harbor Freight there too,...and some other shops.

But I haven't been paying attention!! Folks here have been talking about Joanne's Fabrics and Crafts, and all the neat stuff one could find there, and I pretty much ignored it all, 'cuz "there's no Joanne's anywhere around here, as far as I know.."

Well, I don't know nothin!!! Right there...practically next door..about two doors away...from Penzeys...where I hang out all the time...is this HUGE Joanne's Fabrics and Crafts!! HUGE!!!

And today --for the first time ever -- I noticed it. It's been there for -- well "forever". For at least as long as I've been going to Penzeys, which is several years.

And wouldn't cha know it! I didn't have time to stop today! It was a sort of "rush visit". A little power saw that I had backordered at Harbor Freight -- more about that later! -- had come in, and I wanted to pick it up, and my girlfriend wanted to restock from Penzeys, but she had a commitment later this afternoon so we couldn't really shop ...so we dashed up there, grabbed the saw, stopped at Penzeys...and there it was!! Joanne's!! Right where it's always been. But I never noticed!!

Anyway. Now I know it's there. And my girlfriend and I will go back for sure..when we have a day or so to spend poking around there (Did I say it was huge?? :flowers: ) But boy do I feel dumb!!

My saw: This little baby, on sale for $39.95 http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Disp...temnumber=93211

which I got for $32 'cuz I had a 20% coupon, and they "threw in" a couple of extra blades (normally $5 each)...so a pretty good deal.

I hope it'll work great for cutting molding and trim and other small stuff. What do you think?

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Oh you are going to love Joann`s when they sell the itsy bitsy fall leaves in the bag. And they have great paper and you can get fabric remenants for the dollhouses for a steal. I love the place. Right next door is a Dollar tree and across the plaza is my grocery store. I am like all set into Nirvana in that plaza.

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oh nice mine is too far away from were i live but i will be going soon :blink: they were sopose to put one 10 mins away from me were the ragshop used to be but i dont know what happened now im bumed its not there :cheer: i would be dying to go back if i found one closer to me hope you find some goosdsuff :cheer:

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