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August Swap - Choose Your Adventure!


What should the Theme be for our first swap?  

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  1. 1. What should the Theme be for our first swap?

    • A Little Something
    • My Favorite Thing
    • Comfort Food
    • End of Summer
    • Hobbies
    • Vacation
    • A Museum Of Miniature Art
    • Toys Toys Toys

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Ok I'm going to show my ignorance of swaps. Remember I told you I wanted to learn and didn't know a thing. What do you mean by My favorite thing and A Little Something. I'm assuming that My favorite thing could be what each particular person favorite item is, but what type of things for a Little Something? The other are self explanatory (I think) and I'm sure these are to everyone else, but before I vote I want to make sure.

Thanks and don't call be stupid to many times, please. :lol:


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It's okay, I'm here to answer questions :p

'A Little Something' can be absolutely anything. Out of all the themes, it can be considered the broadest. It was put forth by Nutti who said "all of our houses need a little something". This is a good category to pick if you already have something you definitely want to make.

'My Favorite Thing' was conceived as being a little more specific than 'Something'. The idea is to ask yourself "what is my/your favorite thing?" It can be something from your childhood (a blanket or toy perhaps), maybe an album filled with pictures, or a scrapbook. Maybe you love plants and want to make a miniature version of your favorite. It could be a vase, a pair of shoes, an outfit, an animal, a pot of coffee, or a box of chocolates. This is a swap where the participants learn a bit about each other.

If you have any other questions, please ask. I have an unfortunate tendency to be somewhat vague, so just say "More info pleeeze!". I'd be more than happy to elaborate on anything you need. :p

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We're going to close the poll early. If you haven't already voted, do so now. The poll will close at 9:30pm Mountain Time (11:30pm East Coast time, 8:30pm Pacific).

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