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Remember to think of Wolfie


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Wolfie is at the surgeon's right now-We all need to send healing thoughts her way.Am hoping that the lump can be removed .She's had so many ups and downs in her life right now.She needs a lot of ups right now.So if you have a few minutes send thoughts for Wolfie.

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Lump?! What lump?

Oh my goodness. I did'nt know she was unwell.

Of course I'll send her some healing energies!

If I understand correctly, her supposed gallbladder problem was actually a lump on her back. She is having it biopsied and hopefully removed today. She only mentioned it last week before going to the gp, who then sent her to the surgeon today. She has been in pain, sometimes a lot, but did not want anyone to worry about her. She's a real fighter, my Wolfie is! :groucho:

I've been thinking about her on and off all day, and I just want her to be ok! B)

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I saw a reference about the biopsy, but wasn't certain when the gall bladder problem metamorphed into a biopsy situation. With caring for her neighbors, she's been under a lot of stress, which is not good.

I'm glad she's having it done, I do worry about her! Is somebody in a postition to get a progress report? She may not be up to getting online to tell us. Even minor laparascopic abdominal procedures are painful!

Hang in there! You're no lone wolf! We in the pack are standing vigil!

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Adding my prayers and warm wishes for you and your medical team. Sometimes I think the medicos need more support than the patient to assure their eyes are keen and hands steady.

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