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Travel doll project is moving along


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I am building the schedule for travel-doll visits - so all interested parties should have received an email asking for some info, and/or letting you opt out (especially after you read my fussy rules! :D ).

I am keeping the host list to 10 - 12 for this round.

I am giving a few folks until Friday to reply, and then I'll send out a schedule.

I've adjusted for holiday and travel time, but it's possible the travels will go faster - either way, participants will be notified when a doll is headed their way.

I'm working on picking the lucky traveler -there are several 1/12th scale-candidates applying for the job!

I'd like to start the trip in early June - so hopefully we will have a name and face for this project soon!

Thanks everybody!

Topic edited!

To keep track of Emma's Journey, click here for the blog:


Hosts will be posting their own individual albums of her visits.

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Jenn, could you please request one of the mods or admins move this over to your previous thread? If they pin the topic, there will only be one "traveler" thread, rather than trying to keep track of however many threads started on this topic.

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This is a new traveller? I love to watch them.

Me too Deana, I won't be able to particiapte this round, we'll be off for Greece in late June, then one never knows if we do find that perfect RL house which would mean oooodles to pack and move :hmm: so to be on the safe side will just enjoy the reading of our traveller.


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Whew! I worked out a schedule that allows for 5 days of travel time, plus 10 days with each host - with the first host having the doll in hand no later than June 10th.

For 12 of us, this padded schedule means the itinerary extends into NOVEMBER! :hmm:


I suspect not of all of us will use the entire 10 days, so things might wrap up earlier, but it's good to plan for delays.

I attempted to arrange the trips as geographically convenient as possible, so travel may (hopefully) be less than 5 days between destinations.

I'll be sending all participants the schedule today!

The first leg will take our traveler to Canada, then a coast to coast journey across the US.

I will post a pic of the traveler before she heads out (there will be a bon voyage party held in my 1940's townhouse in her honor before departure).

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I have messaged out the tentative schedule to all participants (13 total!!).

Travel starts June 1st.

Destination: Netherlands!

With 10 days allotted to each host, and 5 days allotted to travel (more for the Netherlands journey), this 13-stop journey could take us into December!

Will post a photo of our traveler before she departs, and will set up an album once she reaches her first destination.

I am really looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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I've been out of town for a few days, w/o internet connection. Just saw the other thread -- am I too late to join? Would love to do that!

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Hi all,

Last Friday I finalized the schedule for this particular travel doll - and it takes us all the way into December!

We currently have maximum capacity for this round, but stay tuned for more.

I think Pat and Steve were right about limiting participation to 10 or so. At first I thought that would get us through just the summer, but when I actually scheduled it out, it went much much longer!

For those who were unable to join us for this round, I am sure there will be another round shortly after the December return. I have had so much fun planning this out and the doll hasn't even left yet!! I have a feeling I will be doing it again. We'll see how it goes. Everyone has been so nice and flexible about hosting.

Molly the Moose has been a great inspiration.

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I think Molly was most visible to me when I joined in late 2006.

And I often come across the many photos from her trip.

If anyone has other links to travelers, I'd love to see them - I love getting ideas and looking at photos!

In the meantime, I am getting ready to post some pics of the next little traveler. She heads to the Netherlands on June 1st!

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Is our little Traveler getting nervous? Did she need immunization shots before the trip, since she's starting overseas? What's her name? When do we get to see her picture? Will it be posted here or in another location?

Can you tell I'm excited about this project??

Bon Voyage, Little One :wave:

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Finally - some photos of our traveler!

Her name is Emma, and in the past she has served as a governess and general "lady visitor" to my houses. I tried to choose a cheaper, less sentimental doll but the truth is that Emma deserves a holiday after all these years and she yearns to see more of the world.

My older and more fragile dolls held a bon voyage tea in her honor in the largest diningroom I have (the Portland house). I assume they gave her some sage advice.

She makes a good traveler since she is very lightweight, not porcelain, and is quite poseable. She also has a nice smile, so she should be generally photogenic.

Here she is:


The tea party:


I hope all goes well for Emma as the older/non-traveling dolls look eager to hear her stories.


Bon Voyage Emma!

She will be beginning her journey to the Netherlands tomorrow!

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