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Score! Willowcrest Kit $31!


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I updated the local classified site dollhouse search, which I do periodically and couldn't believe my eyes. "Dollhouse $40 OBO" with a picture of a Willowcrest. I had $20 in my wallet and realized I had more in the food account than I thought so I was able to squeeze out another $10.

I made an appointment to look at the house in an hour. I was a little late, then I couldn't find the address.The houses on the street had numbers designating south in the 99000 range but my house number was 1290 East! I began looking for a local to see if they could help. A lady saw me looking around and kindly lent me her cell phone. It was the only house on the street with the odd number (on a curve at the head of the road).

The fellow had the box in the bed of his pickup, so we took it over to the sidewalk to inventory the sheets and check to see if everything was there, and check condition.

A few pieces were loose, but the sheet blanks were there; the loose pieces were labled. Every thing was there!

So then I asked what the lowest he would go was. I said I had $30 in cash. He said the other interested party might not pay more than that. So I quickly opened my wallet and discovered an extra dollar bill, so I gave him that too, because I knew he'd go check Ebay and find out just how much they go for (as it turns out, none are presently listed or are under completed sales, so he won't kick himself). So I loaded it into my trunk and made off as quickly as I could!

I made a stop at the nearby hobby shop to check on a few things for 'Fling and crowed over my good fortune with the shop keeper. (She knows just what things I'm looking for for 'Fling from a couple of phone conversations and asked about my latest accessory).

So then I high tailed it home and brought the Willowcrest into my bedroom, in preparation to go under the bed. I need to get some of the rehab projects out of the way before a new build.

I'm considering adding a basement a la San Francisco style houses. I'm not sure if there are many mansard roofs in Frisco. I don't know how to finish the outside of a basement either, so I'll probably be checking the gallery (if you know of one, let me know!)

So anyway, I've had absolutely know sleep and will be running on the new bargain house high all day! I :Jumpy: 'll have to turn my attention to 'Fling with my extra energy!

Doing the happy dance bigtime! :p :jump: :rofl::):rofl::cheer::evil: :lol: :)

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I'm not sure if there are many mansard roofs in Frisco.
DH and I have been to SF several times over the past 40+ years and love it better every time (although there isn't enough money to make me live there, or any big city)! Yes, there are houses with mansard roofs in SF. The basements I've seen seemed to be made of stone or concrete block (probably reinforced with iron rebar because of the 'quakes).
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Um, Lynette, you have the wierdest dollhouse shopping voodoo I have ever seen....

Next, you'll be telling us about the 50 cent Queen Anne you picked up at a yard sale!

Congrats on the Willowcrest!

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