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Any smokers out there?


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I just ordered a Masterbuilt electric smoke house should be here in a few days. MMMMM, smoked food. I got a taste for smoked food while in Texas, I didn't know anyone who owned a grill in Houston, everyone had smokers, Dee-licious. Wondering if anyone here smokes and has any good recipes for rubs, marinades, brines, that kind of thing. One of the docs has a Cookshack electric smoker, he was the guy that got me interested in the electric version. The smoke comes from the wood chips not the heat source, he said the electrics work great and are far easier to use. I didn't get a Cookshack since they start at about 600 bucks. He said to try smoked salmon. I've got to get a membership at Costco again. You can smoke up to 30lb's of food in this thing. Looking forward to getting it and trying it out soon.

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We have a smoker, but it's non-electric! We love it! We've done everything in it, including pizza and pies. It is nothing more than an oven - only you use it outside! I have many books, and will start writing down some of the things I have. I also have receipes galore.

Send me a PM and I'll get into my hard drive and send you some doozies

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