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Greenleaf launches new line of laser cut dollhouses

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With laser cut, they cut mostly through the wood with a laser. The pieces come out of the wood sheets very easily. The edges are nice and smooth, and require almost no sanding, but have a dark sooty appearance, as they have essentially been burned.

With die cut, they press the design into the wood sheet. It does not go all the way through, and the pieces have to be "punched" out. Sometimes the pieces need more convincing, with a blade, screwdriver, or other sharp object. These pieces do need to be sanded. Even then, some people use spackle or wood filler to smooth out the edges.

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I was dreadfully saddened when I realized this post is from 2009. :cry:

My heart had skipped a beat thinking it was a brand new (2014) post and we were going to have a brand new selection.

Then I read the original post date. :glare:

Ha,ha...my goat was got too untill I read your post. Lol.. :bear:

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Ok, at the risk of sounded totally daft....what is the difference between laser cut and the ordinary cut? Curiosity may have killed the cat...but satisfaction brought her back!

Scots people use that quote all the time!

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