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How to build a dollhouse


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I'm in the process of moving some of my webpages, here's a link from my tutorials page

LET'S BUILD A DOLLHOUSE....do you have the itch to build a dollhouse from scratch? Check this site out. You'll also find instructions for making a chair and a sofa, kitchen cabinets and appliances and printies too.


my present tutorials links:


Right now I'm in the process of moving my home page from googlepages to blogger, when I'm finished the process I'll be setting up links to all the new pages.


Just found another how to build a dollhouse site


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As I mentioned, I'm moving and redoing web pages, and would like some input.

This is the new dollhouse tutorials page.


A lot of lists have small text, making them harder to see for some of us, and easy to lose your place. I made the text big, but is it too big? I want it to be easy to read, but I don't want to overdo. Also, how does the text look to your eyes on that background?

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