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New Goodies! New Goodies!


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I'm late announcing this, but I received my new Regency Parlor furniture from Deb (Thanks Deb!) over the weekend. This sounds so cliche'ish, but the pictures really DON'T do that set justice, it's absolutely beautiful in person.

The other goodie that I got (am getting) is a new dressed bed. I said before that I have developed quite an addiction to miniature dressed beds, and I haven't been able to shake it yet. I had a Kelly Curtis bed made awhile back, and it lives in my Orchid now. For the longest I had been looking at a Lorraine Scuderi bed that I really, really wanted, but I had no place to put it. Now that hubby is getting my Darlington, I finally have a home for it. So this is the Lorraine Scuderi bed that I will be getting!

It also comes with a matching table that is not pictured with the bed. I'll be using it as an inspiration piece for one of the bedrooms in the Darlington.

Peach Canopy Bed & Table

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Thanks everyone.... :banana:

Linda...hubby and I almost got into a little squabble because I've been casually reminding him to order the house so it would be here in time for our anniversary. I think he got a little peeved with me, assured me he would never forget something so important and then made me promise NOT to mention it again until it gets here.

So the forum is the only place I can talk about it without getting dirty looks... :lol:

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