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Hellooo my friends

not sure how long its been since I posted but I may have left off during Wedding preparations....Wedding is now over...it rained for 3 days before the big day but on Monday we woke to a beautiful sunshiny day. of course the kids stayed close to the house while I ran around like a chicken with its head chopped off decorating the park for the big event.

....ooooo and I was soooo bad....yanno those kids went on their honeymoon for 4 days before the wedding(music festival) AND my BFF whose daughter has been waiting for a bed in a treatment center: got one and had to leave the day before the wedding...so she had to spend the time we were making flowers for the cakes also doing \major laundry and packing for the trip....so we killed ourselves getting this cake done...when the kids called I had the sitter tell them the cake was a no go because Karen had to leave town...they were freaking out...LOL...than I said well "I" did manage to make a cake and I hoped they werent to disapointed in it since I was on my own to do it...(snicker)

and than I wouldnt let them see it till the big day....I had them going!

the wedding was simple and so pretty...and now it is over. TG!!!

that was Monday....worked Tues and Wed and had to be in Court 5 hours from us for my Grandmothers estate stuff...My father produced a document that gave him everything and we had to fight it...but its finally settled...and the 6 heirs ARE the 6 heirs and he is NOT one of them.

BUT...and it just makes me sick still...when we got to the house all of the glass cases filled with 15 yrs of collecting antique glass was GONE...we are talking estimated value of 50,000$ all 15 cases were GONE. he has been squatting on my grans property all this time and we knew he was taking things...but we couldnt do anything until this was all settled in court. But we had no CLUE it would all be gone....dunno why we thought he wouldnt take it all. silly us...not that we could do anything about it at the time....

Things got very unpleasent after court and between the laughing at us(father) and my sister saying horrible things to me that my gran didnt want ME to have anything...I lost it.

all of the things that I never could say when my gran was alive out of respect for her came tumbling out of my mouth....ok they flew from my mouth on thier own volition

It was soo very emotional...my mom had to give me one of her nerve pills to calm me down...I mean the man ruined my life and the lives of my children when you get right down to it...and Im talking my childhood and how I carried all of that with me into my own childrens lives...The depression and feelings of worthlessness. you dont become a 500 lb person just because its the thing to do.

and now our inheritence is greatly depleated...once again evil has taken a victory in the war.

and than...he(father) says to my mother...ALL the stuff in the other house is mine and you wont touch it...so off we went for lunch(so he thought) and we cleaned out the other house....anything of his worth selling is now in storage and the rest was hauled off to the dump....OMG he was FURIOUS!...called the law on my mom and the law told him....she(mom) is the executor of the estate and she can do whatever she wants to both properties and their contents. his things have been in the house for several yrs before my gran died and all this time. he could have gotten it if he hadnt been concentrating on stealing from the estate.

its been a very emotionaly draining week....

I tell you...every minute in that courtroom made me ill. it was like smearing my grans memory...

She would have NEVER left my father in charge over the Estate...she had stated MANY times to MANY people..."he has had his" and he hated her 3rd husband and family so much that when we got in the house...all of the irreplacable photos that my gran could not let go of(Im gonna make copies kid) are GONE

and she knew he would do that to my stepgrandfathers family....it was 5 hours of crap.

and all the while that man(& my sister) was sitting there knowing he had stolen all of that glass.

I truely cannot comprhend such a person....

and my sister got on that stand and LIED! and everyone in that courtroom could feel it!

but in the end...the Judge was not a fool and we won our case...a hollow victory in our battle for good. we have a small lead on the glass(crossing fingers)but Im not holding out much hope...I do hope we find enough eveidence so we can lock him up...this time for good. as I read that I wonder if that sounds as horrible as it looks....but it is what it is. :dunno:

and on top of all of this....I stop in to visit with my other gran..halfway point in my travels of Missouri....she tell me my aunt...4 yrs older than me needs a boast ina big way can I go see her...well heck ya! my gran and her both calling me skinny minnie! so funny

so as Im leaving my aunts she tells me when did I get so strong...and im like I dont know but it sure feels good. I told her to go seek some counsling...she doesnt have all of you to offer tidbits of understanding and wise counsel to help her on her journey....and I told her to keep in touch with me.

all this in my 2 days off(Thurs.&fri)been working since than...

oh and this was amusing...my great uncle the antiques dealer(grans brother) came down to the house as we were leaving and I heard my dad say "Thats Lynette""yes Im sure"

hahahahahahahahahahaha! ANND...my step-uncle said to me..."yanno all this weight youve lost?? Well Im pretty sure your sister found some of it....you look smaller than her!!!!!!!" :idiot:

NOW how is that to make you feel much better? :lol:

Im glad to be home...But Dean is staying up at my grans farm to keep cleaning and watching he dont burn the place down...before we can get him OFF!

so its NOT over...unless he kicks the bucket Im sure he will pull off one more bit of drama.

I did get several things that my sister didnt know about because no one went upstairs where she kept all the true treasures....like all of the fancy linins her sister made for us girls but my sister never got hers coz she didnt go see gran while she was still able to give things away...as she got older she couldnt part with anything....so my sisters things are going to my daughter...who cooked and cleaned and put puzzles together with my gran.

I am also giving her my grans cedar chest that the linens have been stored in all these years. she graduates in just 3 weeks.

That is part of her graduation present.

ok Im off to post photos of the wedding...it was a gorgeous day to start a new life together.

I am so tired.

nutti :wave:

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Glad the wedding was wonderful!

Sorry to hear about all the other stuff - family members who behave like that should NOT be allowed to be part of the 'family'. I really hope that the drama ends for now and life calms down for you.


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You do realize what a miracle your life has become, Lynette! The antiques would be nice to help your family financially, but you can hold up your head that you have risen above all the c**p of your "father's" legacy and left it all behind you, along with all the weight. {{{BIG HUGS}}} (and I can reach around you now!!!)

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Lynette, I am so sorry that this situation has turned even more sour than it was. I am happy that the judge sided with you all though. It has been a long roller coaster ride for you and your family!!

Tell Jason & Amanda that I said Congratulations and I LOVE her dress and those cakes you made were FABULOUS!! You are so talented!! Even Sarah said "that looks Yummy" :lol: :idiot: She said she likes Amanda's Dress & Jason's Beard too. You and Dean looks Fabulous and how cool that your other son Jevin was able to be there. I bet Amanda will cherish the Chest you give her! Can't believe four years have gone by so fast! I remember when she first went to high school!! Time moves fast when it's other people kids :)

Hey, did I tell you that you look totally Gorgeous :wave::dunno:

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well Dean told me that my fathers lawyer has advised him to vacate the premises immediately!

Dean has already releaved him of his electric. as the estate will no longer pay for him to have electricity. so since that has happened...now The sherriff can come and vacate him.

the sad part is he is pathetic...thinking himself the big man...but really he has no one or nobody he hasnt paid for. I find that sad...but than you do reap what you soe...yes?

I really try to not let it get in the way of my life...

You do realize what a miracle your life has become,


I have joy in my heart almost everyday for the ability to stand at the sink and brush my teeth!

so it really...P'S me off when this kind of malice invades my happy place!

I understand the drama but really I have better things to do than deal with this kind of stuff!

Glad Im home and Dean is dealing with it all....poor guy. He asked for this...LOL...and we knew it was coming.

Families can be torn apart over money.

yes they can....ours desinigrated years ago...this just gives them a reason to get together and fight.....pfft...who needs it....all of the assets go into a trust they set up in 98 so its going to be divided 6 ways...now we all get less....but really the glass ment something different to our side than thiers. there was enough to share and sell

now there are the other treasures that side cannot understand. sentiment and memories of times past. we found some photos and one was a batch from the big party(170peeps) they threw the 2nd yr they lived at the farm. my step Uncle had a sniff while sharing the memories of the day! cant put a price on that...yanno?

Hey Tracy Catriona is getting the chest...LOL and she already knows!!! :)

Dern Hubby! :D and shes gone through it and picked out some of the items for herself.

so what other kind of item can I put in this chest? I found all of my grandmother's government service pins....30 yrs of service...and a pair of mood earings...Im gonna wear them...LOL

Its a Lane chest and the tag of garrentee is still intack thats my gran...we LOL about it tonight...but I lied and told her that I was keeping MY gran chest! and I would think about which of the linens she would get?

she wont get it officially untill graduation night. May 19th...and I cannot believe it.

I need a shirt....oh man....fashion bug here I come.

Thanks all for thinking I look good...I feel dern good....the courthouse is an old building with a tiny elevator put inmuch later....it was broken....it was on the 4th floor....yups I went up and down and up and down and up and down in the course of the day...I didnt think the knee would do it...but it did and I feel so good...I almost ran today....haven ran in YEARS!and Im not sure I remember how??

Life is good....

its nice to have feedback...very sweet and interresting!! Holly I sure cant wait to get my arms around you!! its gonna happen!

well Im going to try and sleep.

work tomorrow....Ineed to go get another squishy.

nutti B)

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Well, speaking as one Lynette to another, I'm glad you had a nice happy wedding to create memories which will outlast all the negative stuff going on!

When Mom died, Dad hauled alot of Mom's stuff to goodwill along with anything which MIGHT be Mom's (some of mine and my sister''s stuff) which he wanted to see go away! I actually went to the goodwill shop to try to reclaim some items, but I only found some books, and a couple of pieces of china. The thrift store workers are notorious for glomming anything good, though policy dictates otherwise.

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Gorgeous bride, gorgeous cake, gorgeous Lynette!!

Yeah, honey, I have been through it with my sister. It is called "raping" the house. My Mom told me how her sisters did it after their mother died (while their father sat their in grief, not being able to stop them) and my sister did it after my Mom died. They will get theirs in the end. They take anything that is not nailed down and could be worth money. Anything they do not want, they destroy so no one else can treasure it.

I do not talk to my sister for many reasons but I think that act was the cherry on top of THAT sundae for me.

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Congratulations, Lynette, on all counts it looks like! I'm so proud of you in the way you handled yourself in a tough situation . . . you can hold your head up high!

My mother's older brother did the same thing when my grandmother died . . . well actually before she died. She had colon cancer and he went to the hospital when she was on he death bed and had her sign everything over to him. The estate was substantial too. The other five children got nothing and the youngest was 14 at the time. It's a darn shame when family does this to family. Oh well, I strongly believe people like that will "get it" in the end.

I'm glad the wedding was wonderful and I hope the two newly weds will have a long and happy life together!

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