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A passion that never died...


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Hey everyone, Ive been lurking on this site and finally decided to join.

My Interest in Miniatures started when I was 8, or 9. My grandparents had bought me a kit house for Christmas and it all started from there. By my early teens I had built four kit houses, all of which have been sold or donated over the years. I miss all of the stuff and I have been planning for a while to build a house from scratch and now im finally getting around to it. Im more interested in achieving the most realistic look as possible as im sure most of you are, or have already achieved. So you will be seeing a lot of me around, reading all of the great tips and tricks on this site. Thanks.

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Hi Windsor!

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Any relation to THE Windsors :) ?

So what have you built? Any old pictures? Sounds like you know your way around the basics.

Most of us are serious addicts, er, I mean enthusiasts! We are also the biggest bunch of enablers you'll ever come across! People are really great with helping to figure out a way to do something, no matter how odd or difficult. You can learn a lot here! And you probably can teach us a few things too!

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Welcome to the little family, Windsor. Jeremy, Peter & Glen are some more of our scratch building members, I can't remember all the others just now. We'd love to see pictures of all your builds, and when you've made five posts you can share them with us in an album.

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Hi Windsor. Welcome to the forum and have lots of fun researching realistic finishes. If you use the search feature the first word has to be at least 4 letters. It took me quite a while to figure that out. :banana:

I'm sure you'll find plenty of eye candy. Many members are very experienced in for example stucco or bricks. I wonder, will you do your scratch build from a plan or design your own?

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