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Street Shops turned into Diagon Alley


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I just wanted to share some pictures with you on a project I'm working on. Its only the first of many shops, I'm thinking there will be 4-5 in the end if I have the shelf space. lol But right now its just this one. The photos are in my album but you can also click on the link below. Thanks for looking! ;)

Diagon Alley

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The dragon mural rocks! I like the use of bricks inside. What a cozy shop this will be. Has it given you any clue as to what it will hold?

Its either going to be Flourish & Blotts (wizarding bookshop) or Magical Menagerie (crowded pet store)

Either is grand because I have the start of both in accessories,

I went to the local mini show yesterday and even got toads, owl, mice and a crow to get me started.

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That is so cool! I love Harry Potter and have wanted to do something in mini for a while. Can't wait to see the finished alley! Adding all those little accessories is going to be so much fun! Wands, owls, potions! Are you going to add people?


I would love to add people!! I don't know if I can make them tho... But I'm sure something will come along in my findings and price range There is another mini show next month and my b-day so maybe i can hint to DH. :roflmao:

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With the fireplace and pictures, it looks more like a bookstore. I like the inside bricks and the mural too.

I was thinking about a bookstore more to last night. I think the only other store/shop that would be more geared as the bookstore would be that front opening shop with the second level. The shop in the movies had a second floor with a banister. hmm wonder if my husband would mind if I took over the livingroom completely, I mean he can have the office where his computer and leather working table is. :yes:

Either way this one will still have to have a mouse or 2 in it. But the other stores will have to wait for April Fools if a certain coupon comes out. :(

At one time there were HP dolls - er - action figures in 1:12 scale, I had Ginny Weasley and sent her off to Toys to Tots to live in the rehabbed Storybook Cottage.

I know I could have kicked myself for not getting them when they first came out too! But I'll keep my eye out you just never know. Maybe my Robinson family would like to be magical folks.... I may not be able to make them but I'm sure I could dress them.

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I too am an HP fan!!

I've decided my dollhouse will be inhabited by a wizard or wizard family...I'm thinking maybe a graduate of/student at Hogwarts - so of course I get to make all sorts of awesome accessories - wand, Quidditch set, gazing ball, cauldron, potions, broomstick, cloaks and hats, books, portraits of Snape & Dumbledore (Snape is my absolute favorite character!), etc...I just haven't decided what house the student will be from yet, as that will determine some main colors...

This will be so exciting to see finished! You could have an Eeylops Emporium if you wanted an Owl store - or Madame Malkin's Robes...Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor would be exciting too! This is such a fun project!

Good luck! Can't wait to see more (it already looks awesome!!)

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