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Anyone know anything about the Greenleaf Monroe?


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I was looking through Newt's gallery of old kits and houses (thanks for all that work!), and saw this:


It looks a lot like I remember my first kit, which I bought in late 1981 or early '82, from a hobby shop in Texas. I don't remember much about the kit, except that it was side opening, two stories, and the staircase was against the back wall, which seems to match the picture. The general style of it rings a bell.

I did a search, and it didn't bring up anything for this forum, so I thought I'd ask. I never thought I'd ever find any info on that first house; it was destroyed when a tornado passed over the trailer my now ex-DH was staying in before he followed us back to NC.

Thanks for any help! :p

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I got this house off ebay awhile back. It reminds me of the house I grew up in. Grynche has one in her gallery, just search MONTE (that's what she named it). That's the only one I know of and I searched high and low for stuff on this house. Other than this forum I haven't seen it anywhere except for the one I got on ebay, and that's the only time I've seen it there. It does open on the sides, the back is closed completely except for attic access in roof. There are stairs on the back wall with a closet under them. The kit also came with two walls you could add if you want. :yes:

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Wow, thanks for the replies--you have been so helpful! :yes: Funny, I've looked at Grynche's albums, but never noticed "Monte"!

Looking at the interior pictures, I do believe this is the house I had--I remember the wide opening between the two bottom rooms, I was going to make a beaded curtain to put in there.

I remember the kit as being a bit rough, which is surprising for a Greenleaf--maybe it was the TX weather, or the shop's storage? At any rate, if anyone else knows of anymore info, please pass it on, I'm always grateful to learn. :)

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If your interested in selling it contact me at *







*  If you can help Dalma with locating this kit, please send her a PM.  

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As this is a public forum your email adress is easily harvested so please do edit it as we have the Pm feature here that will wnable other members contacting you if they have what you are asking for

All the best

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