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Lost my mind, be back later...


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I tell you what it's been not a joyous time the last month. My entire family has come down with germs too many to count. Seems like we get over one bout and are hit again (I think it's a conspiracy) which is really taking a toll upon me. I have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) so when my boys bring home a cold I end up with pneumonia. And oh my gawd the weather has been wretched!! This past week we have been without power off and on and the temperature with windchill is dropping to zero at night. Now it seems our water supply is running out and we may be without water soon. I have to admit the ice covered trees and all the snow are very pretty to look at tho. It started off with an ice storm and then we got pounded by a snow storm too!! yippy!!!!

I've negelected my little house, feel truly aweful for not holding to a promise made to a sweet lady named Debra (I am so very sorry and YES you will get your package as soon as I can travel, please please understand.) Seems when you can't breathe you really don't have desire to do anything other than sleep. My hubby probably thinks I'm nuts for packing the lil doll he let me get for my DH to bed with me, but hey it gives me comfort.

Please someone send me a smile, just a little one would do and oh a hug would make it all better. I better get what chores I can done while the electric is still up. Keep your fingers crossed...

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{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{debra}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Sounds to me that you still have your mind and it is working well. Wish I could send you heat, and water, and electricity, and better health. Your mini's can wait til you are feeling well again. That is one good thing about them. They are very patient. Here are some smiles for you ... :D

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I know what you mean this winter has been a tough one for everyone I think!

Shezzz I am soooooooooo ready for Spring time!

it was kinda funny now... but even wal mart was closed due to no electric for two days!

I was off work thank goodness...

I hope that you feel better soon!

remember to take Vit C twice and day and drink plenty of fluids!!!

Wash your hands a lot and I use clorox wipes at work and at home..

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