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Ruby`s house


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I am so happy this morning! I received pics of Ruby with her dollhouse in my inbox today. I have an empty tank right now..no coffee. Once I get that rectified, I will go over them all and pic a couple for the ending of the gallery story.

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Dear Heidi,

Hope that all is well. I'm sorry that it took me a little while to get

these pictures to you. A few days before Ruby's birthday she told my

husband that what she really wanted was a dollhouse. I couldn't

believe it! Just as I suspected Ruby LOVES her dollhouse. For a few

nights after she got it, she put it right next to her bed so she could

"sleep" with it. Scott and I were so nervous sthat she was going to

break it. Now it has a special spot in her playroom where it is safe

from the dog and easy for Ruby to play with. She has played with it

everyday since she got it. She really loves all of the little touches

and how small everything is. The baby and the carriage are her

favorite. Ruby has taken things out of her Barbie house and added them

to her dollhouse - like a lamp and candlesticks. It is a huge hit!

Ruby had a superhero birthday party and is dressed up like Iceman from

X-men in the pictures. She has make-up on her face and in her hair.

Chris was a little weirded out that I was sending pictures with her

looking a little ghoulish but I didn't think that you would mind. When

she first opened the house, she was shocked. She couldn't believe it

was hers. You can see the excitement on her face. She literally did

not stop talking about it and asking questions about the little parts

for days. I think one of her favorite things was unwrapping all of the

pieces and putting them in the right spots. She likes to "organize"

the house which is pretty funny because she is not big on cleaning, but

loves to "organize."

Thank you so very much. You really made her 5th birthday very

special. Your kindness is something that she will always remember.

We are all still blown away by your generosity.

A very good happy ending to a house that languished on top of a cabinet unfinished for over a year. I am glad you all got to enjoy the ride with me!

There are a couple more photos in Ruby`s dollhouse gallery.

*the tape was put on by me for safety in it`s journey. I hope they took it off..LOL*

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I have a nice story to tell. The first house I ever gave away was the blue colonial that brought me here to Greenleaf. I gave it to my friend`s granddaughter for her birthday.

She is now 12 going on 30. Grandma asked her what she wanted to do with it, since she is older and does not play with it. Did she want to give it away to another child or what?

Right away, she said NO. I want to keep it. So Grandma packed it away with acid free tissue paper, bubble wrap, and a big plastic tote. So maybe when she is older and has her own children, she can give it to them.

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