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Found A House!!!


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Mary, where is it located in SC? You all might be surprised at some of the property prices here...depending on WHERE in the state they are located and if it's been restored. It sure is sweet, isn't it! Think of all the snow you WON"T have to shovel! :)

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Gosh that house is gorgeous!

It probably has pocket doors, inlaid corner cabinets, lots of wood trim, multiple fireplaces, hard wood floors as far as the eye can see. A parlor off the front entryway for visitors. A butler`s pantry. There are probably lots of little nooks and crannies for books and collectibles to be stored.

I would give my eye teeth to be able to afford to own, live, and do any restorations to that house. The front porch! I see a porch swing on one side, wicker seating area on the other side, and a multitude of hanging boston ferns in the spring and summer.

There is probably a ghost or two also.

That is the kind of house of my dreams. That would be my Powerball house!

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Where's that shrinking machine of Dean's?

I wonder if, in addition to the amazing shrinking machine, Dean happens to have a (legal) magic machine that creates legal American tender? <_<

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