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Glencroft Instructions


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My husband, daughter, and I are building our first dollhouse, the Greenleaf Glencroft, but the kit (a hand-me-down) has no instructions. Does anyone have info on where to find instructions? Any other hints for first-timers would be welcome, such as other supplies we might need. We have wood glue and paint. Will we need clamps? Stain/Varnish?

Thank you for your help!!!


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Do you have the schematic sheets? If not, PM me and I can send everything to you by e-mail (already did this for someone else recently). However, my instructions are for a kit bought in the mid-1990's, and I do not know if they have been changed. The Glencroft is also my first dh, but I am bashing it to make it bigger.

For other things you will need, look under the General ... forum. There is a lot of good advice there and people will gladly answer any questions you have. However, to start, do NOT use a hot glue gun - use Aileen's tacky glue or Elmer's white glue instead. Wood glue is also ok. Use masking tape for 'dry-fitting' and for holding pieces together while they dry, and have a utility knife (with the snap-off blades) or an ex-acto knife handy to help taking pieces out of the sheets or trimming pieces for a better fit. Also, have lots of fine sandpaper. Clamps can be used in some places. For paint, use regular latex paint in satin or eggshell finish. Stain and varnish depend on how you want the house to look. For the wood floors, I am using "skinny sticks" from Michael's stained and glued to an acid-free paper template. Look around the forums and decide what look you are going for.

Most of all, have fun!

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For general instructions and things you might need or want to consider

check the greenleaf warm-up sheet @ Mini Man has it under greenleaf dollhouse instructions

This information was very used full for me as a newby!

Have fun!


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The main thing is that you have already found the best source of help from the most wonderful people you will ever want to chat with. You can spend hours here reading what has already been written and more time asking questions that will be answered just for you. You and your family have a wonderful adventure ahead of you.

There are so many places that you can go for help.

One thing to do is a search of the Greenleaf Forums. The search box or link to search is found at the top of the page, type in Glencroft (if there is a box that says this forum only uncheck it) Pages of information will come up.

You can download the Greenleaf Warm up Sheet in PDF format at http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/i...amp;showfile=54 go to the middle of the page and click on the download link, select save and make a folder on your desktop to print it from.

written by MiniMan site administrator. It will help with the construction of your Greenleaf dollhouse. Use this link to go to his profile page there you will find information on how to use this website. http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/i....php?showuser=1

I didn't find out about this link until after I purchased the book but you can save money and use this link https://www.miniatures.com/hbs/global/Index..._HowToGuide.asp to the complete book you can either read it online or download and print it out.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dollhouses But Didn't Know Who To Ask

The complete instructional guide to finishing a dollhouse or miniature project

by Nancy Van Horn

http://www.miniature.com website: Take the time to register for using this site and sign up for their newsletter and for their snail mail "Hobby Builders Supply" Catalog. Ernie and Blanche run the site and offer many nice coupons throughout the year. Also Check out the interactive pages for other helpful tutorials.

Other craft websites it took me awhile to discover but you will definitely appreciate knowing about are Michaels, Joanne, and AC Moore register for each one's newsletter and you will receive emails with coupons worth up to 50% off for use both online and in their stores.

Also remember that Google is a great research tool. There are so many dollhouse sites that you can google for information one of them is Alice's Dollhouse Page: http://kuoi.com/~nyssa/dollhouse.html where you will find her guide to constructing a dollhouse starting with this link: http://kuoi.com/~nyssa/tennyson/build1.html. There is one more site that I have found very useful, it is Small Stuff Miniature Digest. They have thousands of posts containing the most valuable information that you can do searchs for from tools to use, how to use them and tutorials on things you have wondered about such as stained glass windows etc. You can also sign up for their newsletter forums to get current information and to ask the people there for help. You will find that many of the people there are also on the "Greenleaf Forum.

This is a lot of information that took me months to discover on my own. I hope that my efforts will help you to enjoy your project. Remember when you encounter a problem, there is no reason to get frustrated, seek help from your friends (each one started out as a beginner) they do know what you need.

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I don't know what happened to the warmup download link that I set up for you in my other post to you. It worked fine when I proofread it earlier. I will try to write it out here step by step. You will wind up with a PDF file 4 pages long that you can run off on your printer. You can try clicking on the underlined links or follow the directions. Also do not click on the picture of the Warm up Page on the top of the first download page. It is not the document that you want to print it is just a picture of the first page.

Here goes: Just below the Greenleaf icon at the top of the page is a Downloads button.

from the Downloads page you will find on the left side a Greenleaf Warmup Sheet link

On the page that now will open scroll down about half way to the Download File

I don't know why but another page will open and again you will click on the Download File button

When you click on this the small window that opens will give you three choices of open, save, cancel.

I usually select save so I have a place to find the file if I need to look for it again. but open will work just as well.

A save as window will open with GreenLeaf_Warm Up Acrobat Reader Document File already in the name of file line.

Click on save and another small window opens with your choices of open, open folder or cancel. Select open and a PDF file will open You will see a printer icon in the upper left hand corner. Click here after putting 4 sheets of paper in your printer follow the directions and print the pages.

I just clicked on all of the links that I have underlined above and they all work. In fact to make it really simple just click on this link for Download File and then do the save, download and print.

Good luck and remember to have fun!

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This is the link to click on to get to the download the Greenleaf_warmup sheets. It worked before and it is working now. Let's hope that it still works when you try it in the next couple of days.


Click on the Download File button on the page that will come up. Save the file as a PDF file. Put 4 pages of paper in the printer and print out the 4 81/2x11 pages.


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