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That's adorable... I think some cats like the idea of having people their size around the house... When we sent out birth announcements, the best picture we had was of one with Zoot (the one in the avatar) watching the baby.... even now my daughter thinks we let him babysit her! We thought the dog would be her best friend, but he was just jealous and growled... whereas Zoot was always around, letting her pull his whiskers and grab his tail. And here I thought being a big ol' tomcat he'd just mark the nursery and swipe at the baby. It wasn't until she was mobile on two legs that he gave her some boundaries with a few bats to the forehead.

I've got one of them both looking out the window at something.... have to find that one.

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Adorable! Who doesn't love a kitty and a baby. My old Siamese was right there when I had my son and daughter and made sure they were safe and sound at all times. He would come and yowl at me if he felt there was something wrong, and would lead me back to the nursery by my skirts...... He also rode in the baby carrier before each was born...in those days we had what looked like a sling that went over the shoulder and the baby would ride in it facing up to nurse. The cat rode in it for years....as well, but I didn't nurse him..... Sandy was a marvelous companion cat for the children. Ernie thought that the cat was his uncle for years....LOL

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