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Did you get your Preferred Customer coupons in your inbox?


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:) NO, but I wish I had! Could you please forward it to me?


Pm me your email address and I will forward it to you.

They do not have much else in the way of Dh stuff but I can look around and see what I see. Oh Holly! YooHoo! Did you make that bathroom set yet?

Because I am going to see if they have one left at the store so I can get it for Ruby`s house. I will report back if I did.

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We have an ACMoore right across the street from my office! OH the temptation!!! :p I've PMed you for that coupon!

Also, if you go to their website and click on store locator, find your store there is a coupon button - and right now tey have a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase... it's not 50% but it's your entire purchase, which includes sale and clearance items I believe...

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That is a temptation. I could go in, purchase what I need for Ruby`s house with the 20% off coupon. Leave. Walk back in and purchase something with the 50% off coupon.


Edit: Printed! I think I am gonna do it.

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They let me use both coupons! I just had to seperate the orders. I bought the scrapbook paper, skinny sticks, gallery glass (clear), the bathroom set for Ruby`s house. The bathroom set was what I used the 50% off on. The mini section in our store is so so sad. There is hardly anything left.

Makes me want to cry really (not but you know what I mean). If it wasnt for the dollhouse displays at this store, I would have never gotten the itch back from my childhood and I would not be here typing this.

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Tracy, WHERE in Ft Walton Beach!? We're going on a paddle later next month in W FL and taking our own sweet time coming home.


Here's the info from the locator on their website.

Ft. Walton Beach, FL411 Mary Ester Cut-Off

Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548

(850) 244-1743

Hope you find it! Have fun!

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I feel for all you guys without an AC Moore. I have one across the street from my office (maybe that's worse than not having one at all). I'm constantly going to their website to print off the 40-50% coupons... I made two stops there yesterday - one at lunch and one after work (one coupon per visit). They're going to ban me before long!!

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