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Acrylic mirror is great

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I have been frustrated making dh mirrors - precut not the right size usually, ruined a lot of mirror glass trying to cut it, fake mirror looks fake. So I ordered a sheet of acrylic mirror several months ago and just used it today. It is super and easily cut with my mini table saw and I am sure it can be cut with a hand saw. Cant tell the difference between glass and acrylic. Just thought I'd let you all know. Just google acrylic mirror and you can find an internet vendor.

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I have some of this material that I got on Ebay. Just search acrylic or plexiglas & look through what comes up. When I cut it on my small table saw, I put a piece of masking tape on the top & bottom & that seemed to help keep the edges clean. I also got some 'stuff' that is on a roll. It is very close to being a true mirror & can be cut with scissors.

I got this at a pet store ! They use this on the backs of fish tanks. They had big rolls & would cut off what you wanted or they had small rolls that you could buy. It also came in colors & some had designs on it.

Steve in PA :)

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