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Stopped by to say Merry Christmas to everyone

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It's been tooo long since I've been here. RL just keeps getting in the way. Hope you all have been well, I am, to a point. If you all remember I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety earlier this year, well the meds that they put me on worked mostly and they took me off of it in August (so I wouldn't get addicted). So of course everybody heard that and started their same old you-know-what again (mainly the in-laws). I stopped that real quick by telling them that if they would quit sticking their noses where they don't belong I wouldn't have been like that in the first place, but that's a whole other story.

The kids are doing great in the cyber school, they're in their second year. Chris is in 8th grade and bringing in straight A's and Amber is in 1st and is picking up everything like a sponge. I am so proud of both of them for working so hard.

I'm slowly working on my minis again ( :p yay!), I'm making good progress on my laurel-primrose, the siding is taking a little longer then I hoped but hey at least I'm doing something. My dear DH Greg has totally taken over the garfield addition, he told me the only thing I need to do with it is decorate it when he gets done. I can't wait.

Well that's enough for now, I have to go get ready to head to my brother's for christmas eve dinner, so I'll talk to you all later. :p

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday! :p Merry Christmas

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