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Need Pierce Schematic INFO PLEASE


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I am plugging right along with putting in my working windows, BUT...I need the INTERIOR window trims, and trim for the oval windows. I called Greenleaf, and they can sell me replacements, BUT, I need the SHEET NUMBER that the trim pieces are on, so I can order the sheets from them.....so, can I PLEASE, respectfully ask that anyone currently building the PIerce, or if you have allready, and still have the schematic diagrams, can you tell me WHAT SHEETS the interior window trims are on, and the trim for the oval windows~ THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I'm in the last stages of building my Pierce, so I have the details handy for you!

Sheet #18, #19,#20 and #25 are what you will need.

Sheet #18: Bedroom window tim, bathroom sills, beroom trim, hall window tim, hall hood, bath hood, kitchen sills, bedroom sill, kitchen trim, hall trim, hall hood, bathroom hood.

Sheet #19: hoods, sills, sides, tower window trim, tops

Sheet #20: Kitchen bay hoods, bay trims, bay sills

Sheet #25: All the oval window pieces and a bit of ginger bread trim

Hope this helps!

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THANKYOU!!!! Ohhh THANKYOU so very much! :wub:

I wish you well with your Pierce! I have had mine for soooo long~ 26 YEARS and its still not finished, but getting closer! The past 2 days it has gone thru SIX coats of paint....some years ago, I had started to paint it off white, then last week I decided to paint it 'crushed red pepper'....it looked REALLY good on the paint chip! Not really red, not really orange, a deep color in between.....anyways, it took 4 coats to cover evenly cause it was so dark and the clapboards kept soaking it up............and then....I realized it was the most HIDEOUS color! Wayyyy to dark, it was depressing me...........so NOW, I am 2 coats into a primer to cover the nasty red, and have at least one more coat of that before I can put on the color I bought yesterday, which is one I originally had in mind....called yellow ribbon~ I must have had a momentary era of extreme stupidity to paint my Pierce that nasty color~ AKKKKKKKKKK

THANKYOU again! Rachael

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Your welcome, no problem, glad to help! I'm with Holly, that red might make a great trim color. My Pierce is an off white/ivory/antique white kind of color with avocado and chili red trim. Quite eye catching IMO. The reds and greens look great against the white. Something to think about.

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