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Eight official school days left! Anywhere else you would get your grades at least a week before graduation...not us! Three days before you know if you graduate and you still need to do clinicals even if you screw up finals.

I am so scared! I studied for 6 1/2 hrs yesterday not including the time I put in for the test I took yesterday morning!

So say a prayer please, I am so scared I never sent out my graduation invitations! I just told everyone I'd call them if I pass... :banana:

FREAK OUT!..... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Test on Monday and Tuesday!AHHHHHH!

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UPDATE! 94% on My maternity final WOO HOO! I am going to get a hair cut today and buy a pair of nice nursing shoes for graduation! YAY! graduation practice tomorrow and one last project due then three days of clinical and I am through! HOOORAY!

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone they worked! :mwah: :music_band: :congrats: :monkeydance: :graduate: :graduate: :graduate:

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You can do it Arda! You are going to pass! I know you are! And you will be the best nurse ever to come out of your school and will have a career to be proud of!

Oh Wolfie thanks! My Uncle sent me a graduation card today and he told me my father would be proud of me. It made me cry, he is the last living sibling in my fathers family so it meant a lot!

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