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My first dollhouse


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I truly do love orchids by the way so it only made sense that the Orchid be my maiden voyage in building doll houses.

So far construction is going well. I made the mistake of following instructions and using a hot glue gun but thankfully after many hours of delicate surgery (and one fingernail-ectomy) I've manged to get all the goopy stuff off. I found an amazing trick on another website to get glue in itsy bitsy spaces that has worked miracles, use a syringe! Now all the previously hot glued sections have a tiny bead of wood glue and the syringe is a nifty idea to put glue precisely where I want it.

Along the way I've reinforced the delicate parts such as the fancy arch on the porch with little strips of wood to kinda beef it up. I flipped the house on it's side and made little blocks to reinforce all the corners (kinda like the gussets for the attic section) and put in 'floor joists' that run parallel to one another across the bottom of the floor to prevent any droopy's later in life. Aye she'll be as secure as Fort Knox at the rate I'm going!

I'm debating on putting on the gingerbread or leaving it off. Not sure what to do with my floors yet either. Dear hubby makes houses from scratch and has boxes and boxes of tiny treasures that I've been raiding and I found some pretty 'carpet' and I've kicked around the idea of putting a cherry floor in or making a mosaic from different woods sorta like an inlaid jewelry box. I've wrangled some tiny crystals and some pretty glass beads from some broken vintage jewelry that I hope to make lamps and wall fixtures from.

I have become totally addicted to this wee little house.

Someone hide my glue and saws!!

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:xmas_tree: Sounds like your having fun! A syringe works great for the glue. When my daughter got her wisdom teeth out last week and they gave her those syringes with the curved nose I contemplated how tacky would it be to ask for some more of them! Well in the end I didn't because I didn't want to look like a weirdo but thank goodness they are dishwasher safe so the ones I have can be used over and over.

Oh and in case you didn't know this already, If you have to leave your syringe of glue for a bit you can wrap a moist rag around the tip and it will keep it from drying up until you come back. Just don't leave it too long :wave:

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