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How do you use your Dremel?

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I use my Dremels for everything !!!! All that Greg mentioned, plus I make my own molding, siding, floorboards, even windows. The uses & ideas are endless. If somebody said your wife or your Dremel, I would have to think hard about it ! (lol)

Steve in PA

Oh, Steve, can you run through with me how you make the moldings? Would love to be able to that!

I agree I need a class! Maybe I'll look online - there MUST be something out there somewhere!

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My Fiance actually bought me one of these for xmas last year and Ive never used it (GASPS!) I know i feel terrible, but i havent worked on minis at all this year, and I'm going ot start digging back in today and the first thing Im going to do is start sanding with my dremel :) i'll let you know how it goes!

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My dremel is usually amongst the missing! DH is always using it for something, ALL THE THINGS MENTIONED ABOVE, and never puts it back in it's case! Then when I ask for it, he'll go get it, and say:"let me show you how it's done!" I let him, so I rarely get to use it myself, MUST SAY IT SPEEDS THINGS UP, AND IT KEEPS HIM HAPPY! LOL

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