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What does BLOG stand for?

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I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but ...

Sorry, I must have missed something somewhere, but I have been looking at the BLOGs, but I don't know what BLOG stands for. Can anyone offer an article for the BLOG or do you have to be invited?

I will be electrifying Max's house using the non-tapewire / round wire method and I could do a tutorial as I do it (I will leave out all bad words), etc.


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I can't get into mine either. I can "read" others, but I can't get into my own in My Controls. Gives me an error message saying I don't have access. But Dean did tell me a few days ago that a BLOG is more or less a weB LOG (hence Blog) and is just like an online diary or log of sorts where you can store your thoughts and even a DIY. Hopefully we'll be able to use ours soon. :blink:

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I think eventually members will be able to request a blog for just such things as tutorials (I hope, I need Judith's because I want to learn how to wire with roundwire); I know I want to do one with DIYs for some of my "problemsolving" (like replacing the missing Arthur window with a "stained glass" window in the bathroom; I'm now using my shelling gleanings to make bathroom fixtures).

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Thank you Judith for asking the question, I was wondering what this meant also. Will be looking forward to the tutorials when it is all figured out.


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