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CD & DVD Christmas cards


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We had some time to kill this afternoon while waiting for some medical equipment to be repaired, so stopped by Walmart to see if any of the holiday stuff is on sale yet.

I found boxes of a dozen CD or DVD Christmas cards with envelopes that are $10/box. That's 83 cents a card! There were several different offerings. I bought two boxes, the DVD of a Christmas Carol and a CD with 16 carols on it.

I'm going to send them to the nice folks I'd like to remember but don't want to start a gift exchange cycle with. :)

I can't find them on line anywhere, but thought I'd offer a heads up to y'all.

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The box doesn't say, and I haven't played one yet. It runs 45 minutes. From the artwork on the box and cards, I suspect it is a cartoon version. I'll play one later while I finish the gift wrapping and see. For 83 cents, I don't expect any big name stars! :)

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