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Hi from Jackson NJ


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Hi all,

I have only built one doll house. It was for my first granddaughter. I am now about to embark on building on e for my second grandaughter, only one grandaughter after this, I think.

I am glad I found this forum, It will be gettin gmuch use.

Happy holidays to all,


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I built a Victoria Farmhouse. It took 3 months, I did not do many major alterations(bashing). Other than flooring, changing out a door, wallpapering papering and electrifying, it is pretty much standard.

What is amazing is that now that she is 12 yaers old she still plays with it.

I wish I knew about this forum back then.

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Hello All

Im Rachel from south wales uk and im new here and to greenleaf/corona dollshouses. I just finished my first one which was the buttercup and i really enjoyed it, But it was for a seven year old so all i have now are some pictures of it which are not too good. I have just started the Arthur kit but im having a few problems as you do when theres no instructions lol... but im hoping to sort things out. Im really getting hooked here lol....

anyway i have been looking through the members galleries here and im so impressed everyone is so megga talented i can only hope to one day be as clever.

hugs Rachel


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Welcome to the little family, Rachel. Check out the Team Arthur blog if there's any problems. You can go to the Greenleaf home page by licking on the logo at the upper left, then click on "Contact Us" and you can order a set of the instructions by email.

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