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Dollhouse Names


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I was talking to my grandma that made and gave me my dollhouse and she mention that when she bought the dollhouse as a kit it was called The Annabelle. Does anyone know if this is true? I was wondering, if it is true why would they change the name especially from a femine to masculine name?


Have they done this with any other dollhouse names?

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Yep, the Pierce was once the Annabelle and by either name, she's still a beauty. There are several kits that had different names but I'm drawing a blank on them right now. Someone help me remember..........


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Perhaps some names changed from female names to male names, around the time the human brain evolved out of it's prejudism enough to realize and accept, that boys and men can also like to build and decorate dollhouses, without being eternally warped. Having a masculine name might have been thought to help remove the fear and stigma, that was at one time, associated with boys playing with dolls.

Just thinking it makes sense, nothing based in fact here.

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