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Anyone remember the name of the folding paper house that is available from a particular artist?


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I have completely blanked on a particular paper dollhouse that is available from a particular artist!

I searched the archives here because I am sure I have mentioned it, or even first learned of that artists' houses here...but can't find it.

It's a woman artist...she also makes a paper theatre. The dollhouse comes with paper furniture you can fold, and the house has lovely nouveau-ish patterns.

Ring a bell for anyone?

I was wanting to look at it for inspiration - this time I will bookmark if I find it! I promise!

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Ohh I wish I can help you Jenn because I know exactly what your talking about! My friend has a dollhouse like that and I absolutely love the colors and patterns. Its beautiful. I just cant remember the name of them either. I hope someone posts it soon.

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