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New here - from Colorado


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Hello everyone

I ran across this forum on Google and just had to join. Years back, I was very into miniatures and have built 4 or 5 houses. My girlfriend from high school and I were spending most of our money on houses, furniture, kits, wood and you know what all that means! :p

My friend passed away suddenly and left all of her miniatures to me. I let everything sit for a couple of years, but never could get back into it without her. I finally sold everything but one 1/4 kit and the furniture, etc for it.

I have been sewing and enjoying that, but it isn't quite the same as the enjoyment I received from the miniatures.

I used to go to Norm's Dollhouse way back at his first shop. I used to put together some of the kits for his display models. That was always fun!

I may get myself in trouble here, but I just have this urge to see what's going on :D

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures and reading the messages.


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Welcome to the group. I am very sorry to hear about your friend. If you spend any time here at all you WILL be back to building again in no time. This is contagious. Everyone around here knows of Norm's now since the ones who have gone share their stories. I just ordered a house from there myself.

We look forward to hearing more from you :D

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Welcome to the little family, Sharon. It's quite possible your friend led you to us without your knowing it was she. When You've made five posts you can share pictures of your 1:48 scale house, and by then you may have gotten hooked on other scales, too.

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Hello Sharon - welcome to our group! :cucumber:

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but maybe Holly's right about her - maybe she did lead you to this special place.

One thing I know for sure - you will find many friends here, all willing to play and share, to laugh and sometimes cry together. :p

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Thank all of you so much.

You really make me feel welcome!

It is possible my friend led me here. She has been on my mind a lot lately, even after all these years.

I kept the smaller kit because we were moving into a mobile home and I didn't think I would have room for a bigger one. We are in the process of moving again, so maybe I can move up in size.

I have enjoyed your pictures. A very talented group!

Note to Sharon - my middle name is also Lee. I think that is a popular combination.

Again, thank all of you so much! I hope to get started soon.

Sharon in CO

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Hi Sharon and welcome! I get excited when I see a new member from Colorado in the forum. I'm in Durango myself. Used to live in Aurora and caught my mini-bug directly from David at Norm's Dollhouse. I'm finishing up the last room of my 11-room victorian (The Georgetown designed by David Nielson) - then it's on to landscaping a yard about 3'x3' complete with gazebo, croquet and horseshows, and a zillion flowers. Big ideas - hope I can do it! No, that's wrong - I KNOW I CAN DO IT!! If I get stuck, I'll get help right here in the forum, right guys & gals??

You should plan on attending the Denver Show in September if you haven't already. It's great fun! But you won't be able to avoid catching the mini-bug if you do. :)

I started the Four Corners Miniatures Club a couple years ago. "Four Corners" is a spot near here where you can actually stand in 4 states at one time - CO/AZ/UT/NM It's pretty neat! Our website is www.4cornersminis.com Check it out!

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Thanks for the welcome!

A show for miniatures sounds like fun, but I probably would get in trouble real quick!

My DH has been out of work for a while, so any loose change is alread spoken for.

I did go back and find the kit I kept. It's a Fairfield, a 1/2", not a 1/4 like I remembered. I had a 1/4" at one time, but evidently sold it with all the other cool stuff.

I'm thinking about maybe making curtains and quilts for it for right now. I did keep my sewing machine set up and some of my fabric out. I really don't have room at the moment to start putting a house together and I think I need a lighting thing (transformer?) for it.

It looks like your mini group has a lot of fun getting together. It would be nice to have someone to make things with.

I will be asking questions I'm sure when I'm able to get a place to work on the house. And I think a trip to Norm's would be in order, just to see what's new.

I really like the idea of your yard and would love to see pictures of it when you're finished. Be sure to let me know if you post some.

Sharon C in CO

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