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Got a new house!


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As some of you may remember, I missed out on a Joseph Angel Victorian by Clell Boyce last month. I just couldn't afford it and in retrospect, it wa way to big to fit into my car to bring it home anyway. *sigh*

BUT!!!! I found another Clell Boyce house in Portland day before yesterday. It was in pieces (the man took it apart so he could fit it into his attic) and wonders of wonders, it was FREE! I didn't want to jump the gun again, so I didn't want to post anything until I got it.

But I came home with it this afternoon. I'm pretty sure all the pieces are there. But here's my dilemma: I'm not really crazy about how this house looks. I want to do a lot more than modify it - I actually would like to totally redo it. But I'm not sure if I should - do you think I'll lose the "essence" of the house if I do that?

Here's some pictures - the first is of the bottom of the house. The second is taken from a lighting kit that came with the house, but that is the house on the front.

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Ooh, that's a tough call. From the picture, it is stunning as it is (or as it would be). I can just imagine it, whipped by the wind on some lonely west coast bluff. If you're wishing it were totally different... well, it's not, is it?

Of course if you totally redo it, you'll lose the essence of the house. But if you're just wanting to tweak it, everybody tweaks, so I'd say tweak away. A tasteful reno that keeps the essence and makes it your dream house, that's worth it.

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Way to go Kelly! I can hardly wait to see what you do with this!

Whether or not you redo the house or build it as it was originally intended I think depends on what you ultimately want from the build.

I would think the value of the house from a collector's viewpoint would be best retained by building it as it was originally intended; however, if the original house is not really what you want then I say go for the remodelling!

After all, when these kits were originally produced, I'll bet they knew that many of the eventual builders would modify them and make them their own.

If it were mine & I saw something in it that was significantly different than it was originally designed to be - I would build it the way I wanted it to be because however it ended up it still began it's life as a Clell Boyce house and it still retains that.

In a nutshell, if it were a house I was keeping for my private collection, I would want the house to be something I would be thrilled with. If I didn't like the original structure I wouldn't hesitate to change it, because it's my house.

Whatever you do, share lotsa pictures!!! :p

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Well, this is scary. I had made plans for my scratchbuilt house to be laid out a lot like the Fairfield. The livingroom and dining room would be 10 x 12, the kitchen 12 x 14 and the laundry room would be 8 x 8. This scratchbuilt house would require a base about 24 x 32. Now the Elliott Bay house base (and I really want to use the base - I don't want to lose the Clell Boyce signature even if the house is drastically modified) is 41 x 24 and that includes a 10 inch addition on the other side of the square base. There is already a little addition on the other side that's, yup, you guessed it, 8 x 7. So there's my laundry room. Next to the laundry, I had the kitchen, next to the kitchen I had the diningroom, in front of the diningroom I had the living room and next to the living room in front of the kitchen, I had the entry and staircase. I can still fit this all in on this base and the only difference is going to be a covered porch off the dining room. Way cool, huh?

The only thing is I had my heart set on is a tower. I knew I'd never get one, so I didn't include it in the plans. Now I have a tower and guess what? There's no place to put it and even worse, where I originally wanted to put the dollhouse in my living room would be on my bookcase. But if I do that, the tower is too tall for the ceiling.

Back to the drawing board!

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Well, looks like I jumped the gun again. I just laid out the entire first floor last night in the house and then went into work this morning and found out I'm out of a job again. Oh, well, I was only going to use the base and I can make another with all the wood I have and I don't really need a tower - it's too high for my (real) ceiling. So sometime today or tomorrow, the Elliott Bay will go up on ebay if anyone is interested. One of these days.....

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