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Loot from my first mini show!

Little House fan

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I never really understood why people were so excited to post pics of their findings at shows, but now I know! :p Only other mini fans would appreciate this kind of bargain shopping!

At the TBME show in Largo, FL, here's what I found:


-The desk, chair, student desk and accessories as a set for $5!

-The cola case, 4 chairs like the checked one, and the butterflies for 50 cents each! (The butterflies will be cut out, "mounted" and framed for a "butterfly collection" in my library.)

-Then I also got House of Miniatures tester bed kit for $5 too.

-Love, love, love the fabric for reupholstering some Mahogany furniture. ($3 a piece)

-The gorgeous hand thrown pottery was a door prize! (Shared with me by a friend).

Not bad, huh?

There was some amazing craftsmanship on display including 2 attic pieces and an amazing bakery shop done at a Bluette workshop. I might have to pay our local club a visit!

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Congrats. The fabric is really great. That's my favorite thing to look for at the minis shows—scale fabrics and trims I just don't normally have access to.

Wonderful prices, too! (That never seems to happen to me at the three I go to. :p )

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It was so much fun and the deals were the icing on the cake!

I am going to make the library of my townhouse into a schoolroom for the children of the family too. The coca cola, pottery, chairs and tester bed are going in my country Westville.

I wish I didn't have real life work to do right now!!! The small world is so much more fun!

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I haven't been to a show yet either. I was actually driving past the Largo area yesterday as well with my family. I did make a comment to hubby that he could drop me off and pick me up again in a few hours. Strangely he said "no"!!!! (OK the toddler and baby were crying at that point from having been in the car for 3 hours).

What a great haul. So have you got plans for everything already?

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Great buys! I especially love the fabric. I'm also into fabrics and trims. I often purchase fabrics from the Craft Pak. Emma stocks such very nice fabrics.


I fell in love with the fabric... I kept trying to put it back but kept pulling it back out without even thinking about it. I was on the way to the parking lot and went back for a second piece. It has rich victorian colors and just a hit of gold throughout. I might even use some as wallpaper!

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