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boat/ house in a bottle- what's the trick?


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From what I've seen, there are two ways.

# 1 (the hard way), they build it in the bottle. Very difficult, but beautiful.

# 2 they cut the bottom off the bottle, Put the ship in, then glue the bottom back on.

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What they do is build the model (outside of the bottle!) in such a way that it folds in on itself to be no wider than the diameter of the opening. A thread is tied to the "mast" (or roof peak), the model is slid into the bottle, the thread is pulled, and the model unfolds in it's upright position. Presumably they've put glue on the important parts :) so that it remains standing up, and glue on the bottom so that it "settles" on the side of the bottle. Once it's in place and unfolded, they reach in with long-nosed plier/scissors, and snip the end of the thread.

I have seen "cheaters", where the sides of the bottle are seamed, or the bottom is removed..but the "genuine article" is made as I described.

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