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Help with Tape Wire Brand


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I have the opportunity to buy a roll of tape wire from someone I know (very cheaply!). I haven't seen it and they can't seem to tell me much about it. They say it is by "Miniature House by Classics" - I've done a Google search and can't find anything. Is this regular tape wire? Would it be compatible with Cir-Kit tape wire (which I've already got). So confused!

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Opps, sorry I missed Corwin's reply. No I didn't get it. The guy just kept messing me around, I'm not sure if he still had it or just didn't want to get rid of it. I just bought a roll on eBay in the end.

No photos really yet. I'm still working on it. Got most of the wiring in now, just need to make my wiring map records. then I'll wallpaper and hang the lights. I only have a few lights right now, but I've put wire everywhere I might want them in the future - that way I can add lights as I find them (hence making the record of where the wires are!).

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