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Brookwood update on current bashings


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Sorry I haven't posted any updates lately, I've been working my tail off and hadn't had time to take pics and post them here. I do congressional typing so as you can imagine, very busy lately. Anyway, here are the new pics on the game room copper ceiling, the loft ceilings, and my electric install. I'm using the tape method for this house, but I think next time I may try the round wire that is inlaid in the walls, seems like it would be easier to paint or paper over. This time I am using thin veneer to cover the walls after installing the tape so that wallpapering or painting comes out nicer. I also have to thank my very good friend Mark who helps me with all the table saw work and tiling. He's a professional tiler and I've kind of interested him in the miniatures.

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Thank you, I've been working on this one for about 6 months. I have a Pierce that needs rehabbing that I'm thinking would make a great castle. I did a lot of wood work on this one and now would like to try the stone work for a castle. It's hard not to get ahead of yourself and get too much going on at once. It's also a good thing that my husband is pretty tolerant, I have my in-need-of-rehab Pierce sitting on a table covered with a sheet in my living room and it just may be there for a few more months. I like to think of it as something to look forward to working on....... :p

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